Accounts Executive (Payable and Receivables)

Accounts Executive (Payable and Receivables) (QP:BSC/Q0901)


Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

Industry Highlights:

The roles and responsibilities of Accounts Executive is crucial for every businesses irrespective of its nature and size. The functional expertise associated with the job is applicable across sectors and areas of operations. As a result, individuals with knowledge of accounting are always sought after by potential employers.

Course Highlights:

The course is intended to equip the successful trainees with the requisite knowledge and skills to manage various aspects of accounting such as maintaining vendor accounts, payments processing, raising invoices , accounting in the books of accounts, analyzing debtor-days/ creditor-days and identifying and reporting of incidence of bad debts.

Desirable Personal Traits:

  • Numeric, problem solving and analytical skills
  • Critical thinking and decision making abilities
  • Integrity and Teamwork
  • Proper planning and organizing , Orderliness, Precision and Attention to details
  • Tendency to withstand pressure and competence
  • Good oral and written communication skills

Career Options:

Job prospects: Accountant, Accounts Executive (Receivables), Accounts Executive (Payable)

Course Duration:

150 Hours


Bcom, BBA, BSC / BA Economics, BSc/ BA Maths

Course Fees:

Rs 12,100/-

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