Additional Skill Acquisition Academy (ASAA)

Implementation Status... 85%


Creating capacity for Skill Trainers and Educators in the training domain and ensure skill training for all the needy at NSQF standards


Facilitating smooth implementation of skill-based education through
  • Development of NSQF aligned content for skill courses
  • Design of training strategies for skill courses (NSQF Level 1-8)
  • Design of quality assurance mechanisms for skill training
  • Protocols for assessment and certification for skill training programmes
  • Consultancy services to institutions for developing skill course curriculum


  • NSQF Skill Course Curriculum Development – Q Filing
  • Content for Trainers training and certification
  • Assessment and certification plan for skill courses and training programmes
  • Consultancy services for content development and skill training design

Additional Skill Acquisition Academy was envisioned as a holistic solution to the training goals perceived by ASAP. The administration of ASAP skill courses into the regular educational curriculum will be fulfilled through ASAA, where the main curriculum integration and training pool development will take place.

Using the activity spaces of the existing curriculum, ASAP intends to introduce the skill course modules allowing the learners to divert path and choose a more suitable course as they advance further into higher studies.

Past efforts:

The year 2016 saw many novel and forward looking interventions through the ASAP Lifelong Learning Division, the important among them being the establishment of a Trainers Training Academy (TTA). Scarcity of trainers is the major hurdle being faced by almost all the skill development initiatives across India and the TTA has been established to plug this gap. ASAP now conducts its Train the Trainer programmes for skill SDEs through the Trainers Training Academy. Experienced Foundation Module SDEs of ASAP act as Master Trainers for theToT for Skill SDEs. A pilot Master Trainer Workshop was organized from 27th to 29th September, 2016 at Thiruvananthapuram with handpicked Senior Foundation Module SDEs. Eleven Master Trainers got trained for conducting SDE trainings using a unique training design. Unlike the regular Master Trainer ToT Workshops, here, the participants were given a challenging task to develop three day platform skills ToT framework through experience sharing and discussions. In that process they should also get trained organically in the topics and training tools they select to be included in the framework with the guidance and additional inputs from the facilitator.

To keep the enthusiasm and creativity at high-levels throughout the workshop, demonstration of selected training methods and tools have been conducted in a reality-show mode.ToT framework evolved out of the workshop was generally well appreciated and the training framework became operational from 6th October, 2016. ASAP named the new approach as “Organic Development of Training Framework with Master Training Embedded Protocol” with the short name “Organic Master Protocol”. This organic protocol will be repeated in a lifelong learning environment for continuous improvement. New concepts like Activity Factory and Training Tools factory were introduced in the workshop and all together 51 new Activities/Tools have been developed by the participants which will soon be made available to all Foundation and Skill SDEs through an online training activity warehouse for using in the training sessions.

The master trainers selected through these workshops have conducted 25 batches of trainers training covering 650 skill SDEs so far. Pre and post-workshop surveys and feedback from the participants, Training Service Providers and the Sectors in ASAP have validated the effectiveness of the methodology. A visible transformation happened to the trainees during the three day programme.

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