Mutual Fund Agent

Mutual Fund Agent (QP : BSC/Q0601)


Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

Industry Highlights:

While asset allocations from global pension funds, insurance industry, SWFs, etc for the management/advisory services of asset managers has grown from approximately Rs. 47,000 crores as on 31 March 1993 to approximately Rs. 825,000 crores as on 31 March 2014 (reflecting a growth of 14.6% over the last 21 years) Indian mutual fund industry at a glance has not shown a matching progress. Mutual fund penetration in India is very low as compared to global and peer benchmarks. Increasing mutual fund penetration will largely depend on increasing investor awareness at grass-roots level and providing access to financial services to the still largely unbanked population.

Course Highlights:

The course shall provide the successful trainees with the requisite knowledge and skills to advice prospective investors to help them make an informed decision about investment in mutual funds, maintain records of their investments and conduct regular market research to keep themselves updated about the regulations and guidelines in the mutual funds industry.

Desirable Personal Traits:

  • Numeric, problem solving and analytical skills
  • Critical thinking and decision making abilities
  • Ability to multi-task within high-pressure professional environment and Time Management skills
  • Good oral, written communication and Interpersonal skills


150 hours of internship in financial institutions

Career Options:

Job prospects: Mutual Funds Agent, Mutual Fund Advisor

Assessment and Certification:

Continuous assessment is carried out by the Training Service Provider and final assessment by an independent assessor, assigned by the Sector Skill Council. Certificate will be issued by Government of Kerala and the Sector Skill Council, to successful trainees.


  • B.Com, B.Sc Ecnomics, B.Sc Maths, BBA
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