Career Edge - A Career Orientation Master Class

ASAP and INSOFE is conducting a Career Edge series for students. We are pleased to extend an exclusive invite to you for Career Edge - A Career Orientation Master Class. It is a series of masterclass sessions aimed at elaborating on the skill, aptitude and attitude required to embark on a world class career journey in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Career Edge - A Career Orientation Master Class aims at addressing the following aspects for Engineers
• Introduction to Data Science
• Skills needed to be a good Data Scientist
• Job Opportunities in Data Science
• Higher Education options available in Data Science

INSOFE is a world-class research, consulting and education institution, ranked amongst Top 5 Transformation Leaders in Data Science Education in the world. Over the past decade, INSOFE has committed itself to provide quality education in Data Science to aspirants at diverse professional stages. INSOFE's Alumni are in the leadership teams that are engaged in cutting edge product development and research in Artificial Intelligence.

With a team of over 75 Professors and Data Scientists, INSOFE has been helping organizations ranging from Fortune 50 to start-ups across various industries. A partial list of industries INSOFE serves are elicited below
· Healthcare
· Supply chain
· Financial markets
· Retail
· e-Commerce

Keeping up with the restrictions imposed as a part of COVID – 19 control protocol, we would like to conduct this session as a Webinar.

Please register and confirm your seat using the link given below:

1) Data Science for Computer Science and IT Engineers
Stream: CSE / IT
Date: 16th October 2020

2) Data Science Careers for Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineers
Stream: ECE / EEE
Date: 17th October 2020

3) Data Science Career for Mechanical, Automobile, Aviation and Industrial Engineers
Stream: Mech, Auto, Aviation and Industrial
Date: 19th October 2020

4) Data Science careers for Civil and Environmental Engineers
Stream: Civil and Environmental
Date: 20th October 2020