ASAP Webinar Series

The world entered into uncharted waters with the global health crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic. A pandemic of this intensity is the first of its kind in this globalised world. The primary preventive measure in tackling this contagious disease is practising social distancing. Many countries have imposed lockdown in containing the spread of the disease.

The unprecedented turn of events have made us look for multiple solutions to trigger learning and knowledge sharing. The education sector was affected with the disruption of classes due to lockdown. The Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP) under the Higher Education Department of the Government of Kerala decided to implement effective strategies to bring back the system live with the aid of virtual tools. ASAP’s action plan aimed at revamping the academic circle by helping the educational institutions in Kerala to resume and maintain the momentum of the learning process and other academic activities.

ASAP launched a free webinar series on 31st March 2020. ASAP Webinar was conducted in two levels - State Webinar series and the District Webinar series,from Monday to Friday in two time slots from 11 AM to 4 PM. The speakers for the webinars are handpicked by ASAP who are experts having experience and professional achievements in their fields of work. Academic and industry experts from India and the UK to present on relevant topics relating to skill development. Students, graduates and professionals from respective areas were mobilized as participants for the sessions. The sessions were interactive, and participants got a chance to pose their questions to the speakers based on their presentations. A total of twenty-one webinars were organized at the state level.

Webinars organized at the District level involved District Collectors and subject experts to impart knowledge and provide insight to the career prospects to the community. A total of twenty-one webinars were organized at the district level. ASAP Programme Managers were involved in the management of webinars including their scheduling, online promotion, conduct, documentation of video of sessions, preparation of transcripts and also compilation of feedback. Aspirants from across the globe interacted with academicians, industry experts, bureaucrats and government officials through the online webinar platform.The live interactivity was the most redeeming feature of the webinars. ASAP officials have taken all efforts to spread awareness of the Webinar series, thereby making every student, general public a beneficiary of this initiative.

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