AI Machine Developer
Programme for Graduates

ASAP has extended its sphere of expertise to design and align qualifications with the National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF) in areas that are futuristic and relevant to the state context. There are currently 10 Skill Qualifications owned by ASAP in the National Qualifications Register (​​) including one of the highest qualifications of the country namely AI ML Developer (NSQF Level 7). ASAP Qualifications are widely perceived as quality focussed and highly relevant at the national level too.

AI -Machine Learning Developer is a NSQF Level 7 Qualification with 776 hours of training in association with Bloom Bloom Dreambiz Pvt. Ltd. It is an industry oriented program which focuses on helping the aspirants learn the practical application of AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning and make you job ready. The programme aims to help you gain the practical knowledge and accelerate your entry into the roles of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Scientist, Computer Scientist AIML, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Robotics Scientist, Business Intelligence Developer, AI Research Scientist and many more. This project (internship)-based, multi skill course will get you comfortable dealing with different types of structures and unstructured data to solve critical business problems using machine learning and deep learning.

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