Regular Training

Regular mode of training delivers soft skill and industrial skill training to the students. Students for this mode are admitted through a selection process. A maximum of 35 students can be enrolled from each institution. Allotment of skill course is strictly based on the aptitude test.

Foundation Module

ASAP trainees shall undergo a mandatory soft skill training programme of 180 hours. The module includes 100 hrs of Communication module and basic IT module of 80 hours. Foundation module help students improve their presentation skills, rise their confidence level, groom them to be a better individual by inculcating moral values etc. Students can attend foundation course training at their own institutions before or after their regular class timing as fixed by the institution.

Skill Training

Advanced skill modules of about 120-250 hours supplement the Foundation Module and upgrade cutting-edge practical knowledge and skill in the students, in an area of specialisation of their choice. Skill training is delivered by ASAP in tie-up with industry experts and trainers after undergoing skill training, thereby offering quality delivery of the Skill modules, with the added benefit of internship at the concerned industries offering an opportunity for hands-on experience.
Training is timed as prior to or after the regular class schedules to suit the convenience of the institution, students and the trainer.