Welding Technician

Welding Technician L4 (QP: ASC/Q3103)



Industry Highlights:

The rapid growth of the Indian economy is likely to make the country the 5th largest consumer market in the world by 2025. The welding consumables market in India was valued at Rs. 308,800 Crores in 2013 and is expected to reach Rs. 453,700Crores by 2020, growing at a rate of 5.6% between 2014 and 2020. Industries such as transportation, building & construction, oil & gas, and power are likely to drive the welding consumables market in India in the near future[1].

Course Highlights:

The course shall equip successful trainees with the knowledge and skills required for joining various types of metallic frames, structures, jigs, plates, sheets etc using heating and melting process created through electrical power and gaseous discharge, maintaining process parameters, conducting quality checks on output product, and maintaining a safe & healthy working environment on the shop floor. Trainees shall be trained to understand and interpret engineering drawings and sketches; understand processes and equipment requirements to complete tasks; prepare the machines, auxiliaries and work pieces for the welding process; support the robotic engineer/ master technician in programming the welding machine control mechanism; conduct the welding process and weld the work pieces, ensure completion of post operations activities of inspection, storage and maintenance; maintain a safe and healthy working environment at the workplace; and ensure adoption of 5S methods at the work premises

Desirable Personal Traits:

  • Good physical fitness and dexterity
  • Ability to plan and prioritize
  • Good vision
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Decision-making and problem-solving abilities

Career Options:

Job prospects: Welding Technician, Gas Discharge Arc Welding Technician, Resistance

Welding Technician, Automatic or Robotic Welding Technician


150 hours of internship with leading automotive manufacturing companies

Assessment and Certification:

Continuous assessment is carried out by the Training Service Provider and final assessment by an independent assessor, assigned by the Sector Skill Council. Certificate will be issued by Government of Kerala and the Sector Skill Council, to successful trainees.


  • Male students enrolled in Plus One in any stream;/ Male students enrolled in 1st year of Bachelor’s Degree course in any stream;
  • Students who have successfully completed ‘Aptitude Test’ and ‘Personal Interview’