SAMRAMBH’17 – Entrepreneurial Call & Placement Drive

SAMRAMBH’17 – Entrepreneurial Call & Placement Drive was planned to introduce the culture of Entrepreneurship and to place the outgoing ASAP students in the colleges to skill specific sectors with employee demand. Samrambh’17 also targeted to bring an awareness among the students and stake holders of all the Government and Aided colleges in Wayanad who are partner and non-partner institution of ASAP regard the mission & vision of Additional Skill Acquisition Programme. We have a total of 6 colleges in Wayanad, which include 4 ASAP institutions & 2 Non-ASAP institutions. A total of 131 ASAP students are passing out from their colleges this year. By placing them ASAP aims to create an awareness among the stakeholders regard the relevance of skilling in present scenario and there by confirming their presence in the future with ASAP family. Samrambh’17 invited 2 non-partner institution to be a part of the event to showcase the feasibility of ASAP, its industrial tie-up and to get a count of 250plus participants for the drive to be a viable one in terms of employer participation.