Additional Skill Acquisition Programme


Video Quality Monitoring System launched

The Video Quality Monitoring System is launched by ASAP with an objective to monitor the quality of the courses in Foundation Module and Skill Module. The mechanism ensures that the trainers are maintaining the desired quality in their delivery of content and that the students are being facilitated to participate in the class activities as required. For this purpose, a high resolution camera is being brought to use, which can turn in 360 degree dimension and can be connected to the internet so that the video can be directly uploaded. The process starts with the classes being captured in the camera, without them being disrupted, and which can be uploaded and mailed to the empanelled members who would rate it with a 5 point grade scale. The trainers with the grades A and B will be retained as trainers, those with grades C and D are sent for retraining and the ones with E grade be eliminated from the panel of SDEs.



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