Additional Skill Acquisition Programme


Towards a skilled workforce

- New courses added to ASAP skill bouquet

Soon our students will be able to choose from a wide range of new courses from ASAP skill bouquet to meet their educational and professional needs. The new skill courses will open new doors for those who want to find the best way to polish up their skills in the domain of their interest. Skills are acquired, by students, through education and training and ASAP lays greater stress on its quality education and infrastructure in order to help students attain higher levels of growth. ASAP intends to enhance the skill development of Kerala’s youth at a rapid pace by bringing in new skill courses. 

The students are given training in skill courses such a way that the student’s skill sets match that of the world’s best.  ASAP plans to weave excellence in the educational scenario by bringing in more skill courses this year in IT/ITES , Plumbing , Automobile , Banking & Finance ,Hospitality , Retail , Telecom , Logistics , Media and Entertainment , Electronics Sector, Gem & Jewellery  and Construction sector . In total , ASAP will offer 92 skill courses  this year to impart skill training to the young populace of the state. 




Life long learning