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Students showcase talent at skill fest

A skill fest was organised at SDC Thrikavu , Malappuram to bring forward innovative ideas and skills sets of the students to public . The fest was aimed at honing skills among ASAP students and to boost their self confidence. The event was inaugurated by Ponnani Municipal Vice-Chairperson, Shri. Unnikrishnan. The whole event was organised under the stewardship of Programme Manager in charge of Thrikkavu SDC, Shri. Naveen Kumar M.

Nearly 350 welcome cards were made by the students for inviting the public. Students from neighbouring institutions were also invited for the fest.  The cards were made by the students in a professional manner which gave a good start to the Fest. The street plays were conducted at two major junctions of Ponnani with an objective of creating awareness to public on ASAP and for inviting the public to the Skill Fest.  A food festival was also organised as a part of the celebrations, where the public got a taste of recipes made by ASAP students. A magazine of Thrikkavu School was also released during the occasion.

The students of plumbing course arranged different types of charts, pipes, equipment & machines and boards and explained about the same to public. They showed how to cut pipes, fix sanitary fittings and to join pipes if it gets broken.

The students of Automotive Service Advisor set up stalls with lot of models. The students explained about different types of cars, terminologies used in automobile industry etc. They also made a model depicting road race. There were display of different parts of a vehicle like Engine, Brake pads, Screw Jack and videos on Automobile industry, Road safety awareness, Anti Breaking System (ABS) etc. Students of Mutual Fund Agent were explaining the public on personality, grooming banking, RBI. A charity box for Nepal victims was also placed at the stall.

The stall on Community Nursing and Palliative care was intended to help Shanti palliative Care unit. The students collected the products made by the Patients such as soap, handmade lotion, washing powder and were sold for helping the dependents of Shanti Palliative Care.  Provision was made for checking the Blood Pressure, charging 10/- per checkup which were contributed to Palliative home.

The students of Global Business Foundation Skills made a prototype of a BPO Organization using Thermocol, citing different parts of the organization.  The students of GBFS dedicated another area for explaining phonetics and the different sounds in English.  

The students of Certificate course in Accounting Technician created awareness on how to start a Bank Account, using an account opening form of State Bank of India. Trial balance errors, temporary statement, cash book entries & other accounting terms were also explained by the students.

District Programme Manager, Mercy Priya, ASAP Coordinators of various institutions, Shri. Sheref, MESHSS, Ponnani , Shri. Jaison, GHSS KUTTIPPURAM, members of Shanti Palliative care unit, parents, press & media members, PTA president, Shri. Jayaprakash  , teachers of Thrikkavu  , Thrikkavu  SDE team, Smt. Rajna , Smt. Athira , Smt. Chandini, Smt. Lidiya , Shri. Nishad ,Smt. Neethu M , TSP faculties – Shri. Das (Plumbing),Shri.  Manu Peter & Shri.  Sharon (Automotive Service Advisor) , Shri. Sainaba (Mutual Fund) ,Shri. Raghu (GBFS) ,Shri. Ahraf (CAT) , pass out batch students & public were present  during the skill fest-2015.




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