Additional Skill Acquisition Programme


Community Skill Park



Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP), has, through dynamic training and internship programmes, produced and is continuing to chisel out thousands of skilled and equipped youth from Kerala, sifting them out on the basis of passion and efficiency. After hours of practical training in Communication Skills, IT Skills and an industry skill that the student has opted, the number of skilled youth in Kerala with training complying with NSQF over the years totals to over one lakh. It is to equip them further and enhance their employability ratio that ASAP has come up with the ground-breaking initiative of Community Skill Parks (CSPs).

Community Skill Parks will be multi-skilling training centres owned by Government within each constituency, functioning in order to offer courses imparting advanced skill sets to any member of the community. They are envisioned to be advanced skill development hubs on par with international standards. Each hub shall be linked with technical institutions, other training facilities, and concerned industries. The modular classrooms will be designed to be flexible, equipped with smart classrooms and labs to provide career training and skill enhancement courses to students to transform them into industry-ready personnel. At the onset 15 community skill parks with an area of 25000-30000 sqft. are to initiate action. They are to later transform into skill excellence hubs promoting upskilling and producing competent, confident and skilled human resource pool. Gradually, the CSPs shall stand to define skill development and Life Long Learning Excellence. They are planned to play a vital role in enhancing the employability of the community and facilitate placement of the trained candidates.


Tender invited for Construction of Community Skill Parks at Pampadi, Puthupally, Kottayam District for ASAP, Government of Kerala. SH Civil, Electrical, Plumbing, Sanitary, Road Work, Compound wall, Gate etc. Click here for details.









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