Additional Skill Acquisition Programme





Responsibility of Training Partner Institution

Should execute an agreement with ASAP on the Communicative English Trainer before commencing batch

Conduct a training programme in accordance with the design of CET 2016 of ASAP

Fully residential training program for a period of 21 continuous days

No classes on Sundays

Sessions of each day will start at 9.00 am and end at 8.00 pm

Administrative and academic implementation of the entire training program

Adhere to the content, time schedule of Training Program

Should provide training kit, training aids like handouts, worksheets, materials and other stationery

Should provide entire infrastructure facilities (detailed in below) to conduct training

Four Faculties - 3 from Dept. of English and 1 for Dept. of IT/Computer Science; If the IT/Computer Science faculty is not available, the institution shall choose one from the panel provided by ASAP

Should appoint one of the faculties’ as Course Director

Separate accommodation facilities for boys and girls ensuring safety, preferably a warden to be appointed. If lodging is arranged outside campus, then transportation facilities should also be provided

Quality food shall be served in sufficient quantity to the trainees.  

 Infrastructure Facilities 

  • Smart classroom with computer, whiteboard, pen, duster, LCD Projector and screen with PA System shallbe provided for each batch of the course 
  • Well lit and ventilated spacious classrooms (20”X30”)  with sufficient number of chairs (preferably Jefferson chair) having arm rest to seat 30 trainees
  • Computer lab with a minimum number of 15 systems with network
  • Internet connectivity with minimum of 2 Mbps speed


Under the CET 2017 one batch of 30 students will be given an amount of Rs.4,50,000/- and detailed allocation is as mentioned in the table below-


Cost Item





Honorarium for Subject Experts










Food and Refreshments





Administrative Charges*





Stationery  & Contingency Charges*









·Out of Rs 4.5 lakhs, the amount for food and accommodation (items 2 &3) shall be calculated on the basis of batch attendance (per trainee @450/day). The other items will be fixed for each batch.

·Administrative Charges include the water bill charges, electricity bill charges, the TA of trainee, remuneration of Support Staff – Rs.3000/- per person and Course Director allowance – Rs.10,000/- etc.

·Stationery Charges include the materials like handouts, worksheets, notepad, pen etc.

·Re-appropriation of expenditure among the heads is admissible


1 April 2017  – 30 June 2017


Institutions willing to partner can click here and apply for Communicative English Trainer Scheme.

Based on the four years performance in the CET, general programmes of ASAP and the institutional audit conducted by ASAP, the applied institutions will be shortlisted for CET 2017. A minimum of one batch will be allotted to these institutions based on the timeframe they plan to conduct the training.

Time frame of training is also considered in the selection process

List of selected institutions will be published in ASAP website (

The selected institutions may need to execute an agreement with ASAP before carrying out the scheme (Available as Project Document in CET Page)


ASAP Roles & Responsibilities

  • Training of Master Trainers– A twoday Refresher training for the Communicative English trainers and one day Refresher training for the IT trainers for existing trainers. For the new trainers 4 day training in Communicative English and 2 day training in IT will be conducted. Training is mandatory for the trainers to take sessions for the students at their institutions. No DA or remuneration will be provided by ASAP.
  • Training schedule, training manual and materials for the master trainers to equip them for conducting the 21 day training program
  • Provide the contents  for the training aids that need to be circulated among the trainees
  • Budget for the program in two instalments – 1) 50% in advance before batch commencement  2) After finishing the training program
  • Participation Certificate for the trainees, which is to be issued by the institution at the successful completion of the training program
  • Participant list of trainees well in advance to the TPI so as to send the intimation letter for individual participant.


Quality Monitoring


ASAP shall make necessary arrangements to monitor the quality of the programme. A multi-pronged approach will be followed while monitoring the programme.  The following quality measures are devised for current year TPS. 

Ø  An Expert Team (Heads, SPMs/DPMs) from ASAP Mission - visit training venues and will elicit feedback from participants

Ø  Quality Assurer (QA) for the training - visit the institution, monitor the training and submit a report

Ø  Programme Managers of ASAP - visit institution and do the video recording to assess the  quality of training

If any discrepancies were reported in the conduct of training, immediate action will be taken to stop the training and the expenses incurred for training will have to be refunded by the institution. Based on the video monitoring assessment, feedback from the experts, quality assurers, and PMs, star rating will be done and the same will be published in the website. Along with that star rating certificate will be issued to the institution.

Last Date to apply for program : 28 February 2017

Queries : If any queries regarding the program you may contact 0471 – 2772500/01/02/12, Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Campus Recruitment

Student Selection Process for CET will be conducted on all Govt/Aided institutions by ASAP. Student selection process will be conducted as follows:

Pre-Campaign: NSS Units of the college will intimate the final year graduate and post graduate students about the campus recruitment process for Skill Development Executives to be conducted by ASAP. NSS Unit will intimate the campaign day for campus recruitment.

Campaign :A team of Programme Managers and SDEs of ASAP will visit the institution on the campaign day and will orient students on the job role of Skill Development Executive (SDE).

Registration : After the orientation students willing to apply as Skill Development Executive (SDE) will report at the registration counter set by NSS Unit of the institution. NSS Unit will handover registered students to ASAP.