Coding Skills

Employability of engineering students is a matter of great concern now. Lack of coding skills matching industry standards is a major factor contributing to the poor employability of technical students. Coding is mostly taught as an academic topic, whereas it is a skill to be acquired. To close the skill gap among engineering students in this area ASAP in association with industry has developed a state of the art coding skills curriculum that is based on the 10 core skills of the WHO that equips a person to fit into any professional environment.

The life skills based coding skills curriculum not only addresses programming but also covers fundamental aspects such as design thinking, logical thinking, programming, community linking, design of software, project development, and industry leader’s interaction and Hackathon. The contents for the coding skill is developed by ASAP Curriculum. The course is organized in a structured format focusing on classroom activities and interactive games to accelerate and improve the efficiency of teaching learning process. Staring from developing foundation skills for coding the approach focuses on design thinking and agile perspective of Software design.

Programme Course Details:

Duration of the course: 125 Hours

Course Delivery: Classes will be held at ASAPs 66 Advanced Skill Development Centres at Engineering Colleges by Trained Professionals.

Course Fee: Rs 10000/- 

1st installment- Rs 6000/- (before class commencement)

2nd Installment – Rs 4000/- (after the completion of 50% of the total course hours)

All the students enrolled would need to sign the ASAP agreement in stamp paper worth Rs 200 /- regarding the successful completion of course, ensuring a minimum of 80% of attendance. 

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The fast evolving world of technology is dominating work places like never before. Fourth generation industry is already here and is placing heavy demand upon the education system. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Block Chains, Virtual Reality and Cloud based computing have already become a norm in the industry rather than an exception. There is an urgent need for the technical education system to prepare its graduates for the future industry that demand new skill sets and competencies.

 ASAP has started an initiative to cover the skill gap of Engineering graduates through Advanced Skill Development Center. ASDC acquaints the students with various futuristic skill courses like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Data analytics etc. Artificial Intelligence is the development of computer systems that are able to perform tasks that would require human intelligence. Machine learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence that gives machines the ability to learn and improve without the help of humans or new programming. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning (AIM) is an emerging area of great interest nowadays. This gives rise to an open opportunity for the engineering students, graduates and working professionals of Kerala. It may be achieved by providing AI & ML specific courses to them. ASAP , in collaboration with IIT Madras, IIT Palakkad and College of Engineering Trivandrum developed the curriculum for AI & ML course. The certification for the course will be provided by IIT Madras.

The goal of ASAP is to make Kerala an AI hub through ASDC by skilling 2000 trainees over a period of 3 years.


Duration of the course: 3 terms  ( each term being 200 hrs / 4 months)

Course Fee: 

Rs 35000 /-  ( 3 installments)             

                      1st Installment         – ₹ 12000 /-             

                      2nd Installment        – ₹ 12000 /-           

                      3rd Installment         – ₹ 11000 /-

  • 63 Engineering colleges across the state have expressed interest insetting up Advanced Skill Development Centers. 
  • After the orientation a screening test was conducted at 34 centers in which 1018 student participated.
  • 666 Students cleared the exam
  • 95 Trainers from 63 colleges were trained and assessed
  • 19 Centers for Artificial intelligence and machine learning training  have been finalized.
The first class commenced on 12th January 2019.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Training Schedule

Details of Contact persons for ASDCs:

S.NODISTRICTDPMsContact No.Programme ManagersContact No.Email IDsASDC Institutions
1TrivandrumBasil A9495999668Karthik Engg college, Barton hill
2TrivandrumBasil A9495999668Karthik of Engg Trivandrum
3TrivandrumBasil A9495999668Karthik Association College of Engg
4TrivandrumBasil A9495999668Karthik Institute of Engineering and Technology
5TrivandrumBasil A9495999668Karthik Baselios College of Engineering and Technology
6TrivandrumBasil A9495999668Anagha of Engineering Muttathara
7TrivandrumBasil A9495999668Anagha Chitra Thirunal College of Engineering
8TrivandrumBasil A9495999668Anagha Matha College of Engineering
9TrivandrumBasil A9495999668Anagha Institute of Science and Technology
10TrivandrumBasil A9495999668Anagha College Of Engineering
11KollamDr. Shoby Das9495999623Lekshmi M of Engineering Perumon, Kollam (PRN)
12KollamDr. Shoby Das9495999623Lekshmi M College of Engineering and Technology, Kollam (YCE)
13KollamDr. Shoby Das9495999623Lekshmi M of Engineering, Karunagappally, Kollam (KNP)
14KollamDr. Shoby Das9495999623Lekshmi M Institute of Technology and Management, Kollam (MEK)
15KollamDr. Shoby Das9495999623Lekshmi M College of Engineering and Technology, Kollam (UKP)
16KollamDr. Shoby Das9495999623Harikrishnan V of Engineering, Pathanapuram
17KollamDr. Shoby Das9495999623Harikrishnan V College of Engineering, Kollam (TKM)
18KollamDr. Shoby Das9495999623Harikrishnan V Mathews II College off Engineering, Kollam (BMC)
19KollamDr. Shoby Das9495999623Harikrishnan V Institute of Technology, Kollam (TKI)
20KollamDr. Shoby Das9495999623Harikrishnan V Koonambaikulathamma College of Engineering and Technology, Paripally
21PathanamthittaPradeep George9495999649Priya of Engineering, Kalloopara
22PathanamthittaPradeep George9495999649Priya Narayana Institute of Technology, Adoor
23KottayamAnup Kumar9495999633Aneesh S College of Engg
24KottayamAnup Kumar9495999633Aneesh S Gandhi Institute of Technology
25KottayamAnup Kumar9495999633Aneesh S College of Engineering
26KottayamAnup Kumar9495999633Aneesh S Institute of Science And Technology
27KottayamAnup Kumar9495999633Sreeji of Engineering Kidangoor
28KottayamAnup Kumar9495999633Sreeji of Engineering Poonjar
29KottayamAnup Kumar9495999633Sreeji Joseph’s College of Engineering and Technology
30KottayamAnup Kumar9495999633Sreeji Jyothi College of Engineering
31AlappuzhaShantanu P9495999647Deepthi Ann of Engineering Chengannur
32AlappuzhaShantanu P9495999647Deepthi Ann Buddha College of Engineering Pattoor
33AlappuzhaShantanu P9495999647Deepthi Ann of Engineering and Management Punnapra
34AlappuzhaShantanu P9495999647Deepthi Ann Vellapally Nateshan College of Engineering Mavelikkara
35ErnakulamNeethu Sathyan9495999662Amith Narayanan Engineering College Thrikakkara
36ErnakulamNeethu Sathyan9495999662Amith Narayanan Engineering College
37ErnakulamNeethu Sathyan9495999662Amith Narayanan H Institute of Science and Technology
38ErnakulamNeethu Sathyan9495999662Amith Narayanan School of Engineering & Technology
39ErnakulamNeethu Sathyan9495999662Amith Narayanan College of Engineering & Technology
40ErnakulamNeethu Sathyan9495999662Ashish Institute of Science and Technology, Angamaly
41ErnakulamNeethu Sathyan9495999662Ashish Shakara Institute of Engineering and Technology, Kalady
42ErnakulamNeethu Sathyan9495999662Ashish Athanasius College Of Engineering, Kothamangalam
43ErnakulamNeethu Sathyan9495999662Ashish College Nellimattom
44ErnakulamNeethu Sathyan9495999662Ashish College of Engineering, Perumbavoor
45IdukkiBinoj Kumar9495999634Santhosh Kumar Engg College Idukki
46IdukkiBinoj Kumar9495999634Santhosh Kumar College of Engineering & Technology
47IdukkiBinoj Kumar9495999634Santhosh Kumar of Engineering Munnar
48ThrissurSumi M A9495999663Rakesh K college of Engineering and Technology, Kodakara
49ThrissurSumi M A9495999663Rakesh K academy of science and technology,Kaiparampu,Kecheri
50ThrissurSumi M A9495999663Rakesh K college of engineering,Irinjalakkuda
51ThrissurSumi M A9495999663Syam Prasad’s Technological institure, Thrissur
52ThrissurSumi M A9495999663Syam Prasad College of Engineering, Chittilapally, Thrissur
53ThrissurSumi M A9495999663Syam Prasad College of Engineering and Technology, Pallur, Thrissur
54ThrissurSumi M A9495999663Syam Prasad Engineering College, Thrissur
55PalakkadArun Upendra9495999654Sheeja Engg College Sreekrishnapuram, Palakkad
56PalakkadArun Upendra9495999654Sheeja School of Engg & Technology
57PalakkadArun Upendra9495999654Sheeja Institute of Management And Technology
58MalappuramAneesh P9495999675Shyam E S College of Engineering
59MalappuramAneesh P9495999675Shyam College of Science and Technology
60KozhikodeMercy Priya9495999657Subin Engineering College Kozhikode
61KozhikodeMercy Priya9495999657Subin Dasan institute of technology
62KannurIsmail K Basheer9495999671Vishnudathan P College of Engineering, Kannur
63KannurIsmail K Basheer9495999671Vishnudathan P Jyothi Engineering College
64WayanadKrishnan Koliyot9495999692Swathy Engg College, Wayanad
65KasargodRahul V Mohan9495999707Vipindas College
66KasargodRahul V Mohan9495999707Vipindas of Engineering Trikaripur