Skill-based education plays a key role in enhancing the confidence of students and living in flexibility, relevance, inclusivity and creativity. Recognizing this, the Government of Kerala launched its ambitious initiative, the Additional Skill Acquisition Programme, through its General and Higher Education Departments.
Started as a preventive dimension for addressing the issue of educated unemployed youth, ASAP has made a significant impact upon the undergraduate education in the state. Specially designed ASAP Curriculum to improve the communication and information technology skills of students along with industry skills have the potential to transform students into job ready personnel.
ASAP’s state of the art training facilities across Kerala and the partnerships with reputed Training Service Providers for offering skill courses developed over the past four years have created significant impact upon the education system of the state. Through this, the programme has delivered quality training to students based on its Industry-Academia linkages thereby empowering students in a significant manner. The report being presented here is a record of ASAP’s voyage in 2015-16 towards redefining the contours of skill-based education in the state. I am sure that the programme will continue its good work in its fifth year also and give more benefits to education in the state.
I take this opportunity to congratulate the CEO and team for the success and at the same time urge every team member to set and reach higher goals in the coming years.