Curriculum committee formation

Being a skill acquisition programme, the curriculum of ASAP needs to be more pratical oriented than conventional curriculums. Therefore a meeting was organized for curriculum committee formation. Academicians and industry experts convened to form the Communicative English curriculum. 

English course curriculum was formed by a panel headed by Dr.Jameela Beegum .The curriculum was shared with British Council and industry training division for vetting. IT course panel was headed by Dr. Balu John. The course curriculum for basic IT skills was formulated by IT experts.  Later on, the curriculum was shared with prominent IT companies for scrutiny and to ensure quality.

Decisions were taken regarding various course modules during curriculum committee workshop. Each module in the curriculum was decided fastidiously, keeping in view the objectives of ASAP.  Communication experts formed practical oriented communication course modules and IT professionals devised basic IT modules for foundation course programme.

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