Partnering Process for Training Organisations / VTPs

Step 1

Make sure you are eligible

Eligibility Conditions

1.Should be operational in skill industry for 3 years. 2.Must have trained minimum of 200 students 3.Any other requirement as per eTender

Step 2

Get Affiliated / Accredited


To conduct training with ASAP you have to be affiliated or accredited by National Skill Development Corporation / Sector Skill Councils

Step 3

Prepare for the Tender

Get documents ready

Be prepared with the study materials as per ASAP Format and other details required for the tender.

Step 4

Submit Tender

Submit eTender online

eTender can only be submitted online through

Step 5


Tender Evaluation

1.Two stage evaluation
2.Technical  / Financial

Step 6



Qualified after clearing tender process is empaneled to ASAP