Regular Training Schemes :

The student centered training modules of ASAP attempts to furnish Higher Secondary and Undergraduate students with desirable communication, IT and industry specific skill sets in accordance with the market requirement of the hour. ASAP trainees shall undergo a mandatory Foundation Module training programme of 180 hours that encompasses a Communication module of 100 hours and a basic IT module of 80 hours. Apart from this, advanced skill modules of about 150-320 hours supplement the Foundation Module to instill and upgrade cutting-edge practical knowledge and skill in the students in an area of specialization of their choice with the added benefit of internship at the concerned industries offering an opportunity for hands-on experience. Training is timed as prior to or after the regular class schedules to suit the convenience of the institution, students and the trainer

Summer Skill Skool :

Summer Skill Skool (SSS) was established to deliver additional training on vocational courses for students of higher secondary and undergraduate levels during their summer vacation. SSS encourages institutions in mainstream education to embrace a skill ecosystem through ASAP. The programme not only ensures an industrial internship opportunity of a minimum of 150 hours to the students but also is noted for its greater scope of placement chances.


Communicative English Trainer Programme

Communicative English Trainer (CET) was designed as a solution to the increasing demand for proficiency in English language and IT skills and the lack of equipped personnel to train potential youth in soft skills and life skills. Integrating specially designed modules of 150 hours that emphasize on the language Skills, Training Skills, soft skills and IT skills, along with the regular graduate course, CET attempts to chisel up graduates into potent soft skill trainers who can efficiently handle Communication and IT modules for students. After the completion of the training, selected trainees are infused into the SDE pool of ASAP, thereby meeting the training workforce requirements.

Lifelong Learning

Life Long Learning has been envisioned and introduced to the system to ensure the efficiency and to keep the staff and system updated to the changing industry needs. This upskilling will help them to upgrade on their certifications, thereby keeping it up-to-date and confirming to the industry needs of the time. This is a consolidation of unique learning opportunities offered by all the Divisions in ASAP and offered to the stakeholders in their related areas of function. The division follows a mentorship-based management model that periodically devises and releases online capsules for easy learning and comprehension, constantly keeping the staff posted on every new aspect in their concerned sector.