Life Long Learning has been envisioned and introduced to the system to ensure the efficiency and to keep the staff and system updated to the changing industry needs. This upskilling will help them to upgrade on their certifications, thereby keeping it up-to-date and confirming to the industry needs of the time. This is a consolidation of unique learning opportunities offered by all the Divisions in ASAP and offered to the stakeholders in their related areas of function. The division follows a mentorship-based management model that periodically devises and releases online capsules for easy learning and comprehension, constantly keeping the staff posted on every new aspect in their concerned sector.

Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment): Moodle is a web-based open-source learning platform that ASAP used for the purpose of project management and to provide online academic support for the Programme Managers and Skill Development Executives as a part of the staff and trainer capacity building. The open-source video-conferencing capacity helps expand the scope of the online education offered by ASAP. The Programme Managers and SDEs are to cover the modules provided through this means on a compulsory basis. This compulsory e-learning system guarantees the advancement of the stakeholders, equipping them with information and basic knowledge on how to operate in any changing industrial environment.

MICP (MBA Interns Certification Programme): Freshers with MBA are recruited by ASAP and deployed in the field level under the experienced Programme Managers who will be their Internship mentors. The interns will serve as professional managers well acquainted with the skill development ecosystem. The programme has the potential to aid in enhancing the employability of the MBA holders, thereby helping them achieve their career goals as well. The induction assignments to the interns will be provided by the Life Long Learning Division and shall be assessed by the Internship Mentor