Regular Training Schemes :

ASAP offers varied skill sets to the first year higher secondary/ vocational higher secondary/ undergraduate students through its foundation module and skill training program.

The 180 hrs long foundation module delivers communicative skills and basics of IT.Skill course training of 120 – 250 hrs is carried out at various Skill Development Centres across the state.

Apart from communicative and industrial skills, the specially designed curriculum also emphasise on improving soft skills , life skills, communication skills, analytical skills of the students.  

Summer Skill Skool :

The notion of Summer Skill Skool is to provide a vocation during the vacation. Students of educational age (15-25) can apply for this training programme. This short -term training programme of 120-240 hour duration along with 150 hour internship encourages students to make their holidays a productive one. SSS is also noted for its greater placements. 

Communicative English Trainer Programme

Communicative English Trainer  is a NSQF Level 6 course  and  focuses on developing efficient communicative trainers with NSQF certification. This nationally recognized course having 156 hour duration gives the trainees a wide range of practical exposure and providing internship along with theoretical learning. The candidates who complete the course can explore career opportunities in Soft Skill Training and Communicative English Training.

Special Training Programmes

Over the years, Additional Skill Acquisition Programme has partnered with several agencies in the Center as well as State to implement special skilling programmes for the needy student populace of the state. Following are a few of the organisations which have partnered with ASAP for various training programmes.

ESDM Scheme was launched by Govt. of India under the Electronics India campaign to skill India for developing Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) Industries.

Skill Mentorship for Innovative Life Experience (SMILE) is designed for students who have just successfully completed their tenth standard. SMILE is organised across the state to guide and orient students to choose a career of their aptitude. 

In collaboration with the Scheduled Caste  Development Department, Govt. of Kerala, ASAP conducts skill training programmes in Model Residential Schools and tribal schools in the   state.

Collaboration with NISH is a special effort taken by ASAP. The entire skill curriculum was converted to sign language and special training was given to the trainers.

ASAP undertook training at Childrens’ Homes and Mahila Mandiram under the Social Justice Department as an aim to empower them with skilling. The scheme was piloted in Kottayam and now extended to Kannur.