About Us

Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP) Kerala, is a Government Company registered under the Companies Act 2013, that focuses on imparting job-readiness skills to students, in addition to their conventional mainstream school and college education, to enhance their employability levels. ASAP Kerala has created a unique demand-based, industry-led skill training ecosystem in the State through its 121 Skill Development Centres connecting Higher Secondary Schools and Arts & Science Colleges, Advanced Skill Development Centres (ASDCs) in 66 Engineering Colleges and 45 Polytechnics for futuristic skilling, and 16 Community Skill Parks (CSPs) for multi skill training.

ASAP Kerala has 12 NSQF Skill Qualifications registered in the National Qualifications Register (NQR). Preparing youth for a rapidly evolving future through state-of-the-art training programmes in highly demanding areas is the objective of ASAP Kerala. ASAP Kerala has made a positive impact on raising the employability of the State's manpower.