AI Machine Learning Developer Programme for Graduates

ASAP Kerala is launching the AI -Machine Learning Developer, which is a NSQF Level 7 Qualification with 756 hours of training. It is an industry oriented program which focuses on helping the aspirants learn the practical application of AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning and make you job ready.

The Programme aims to help you gain the practical knowledge and accelerate your entry into the roles of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Scientist, Computer Scientist AIML, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Robotics Scientist, Business Intelligence Developer, AI Research Scientist and many more. This project (internship)-based, multi skill course will get you comfortable dealing with different types of structures and unstructured data to solve critical business problems using machine learning and deep learning.

In “Future of Jobs Report 2020” the World Economic Forum estimates that 85 million jobs will be displaced while 97 million new jobs will be created across 26 countries by 2025.

Course Content

Fundamental of Python, Scientific Python, Machine Learning

Job Roles

1. Data analysts and scientists

2. AI and machine learning specialists

3. Big data specialists

4. Digital marketing and strategy specialists

5. Process automation specialists

6. Business development professionals

7. Digital transformation specialists

8. Information security analysts

9. Software and applications developer

10. Internet of things specialists

Few companies hiring AIML skilled professionals

IBM, Synopsys, Intel, ICS Consultancy Services, FICO, NVIDIA, Micron Technology, Wavelabs Technologies, Stefanini, Inc,, Ernst & Young, Genpact, skilora, Mount Talent Consulting, Aveva

Course Duration:

756 Hours

Actual Course Fees:

Rs 55,000 + GST

Fees to be paid by the student:

Rs 27,500 + GST


Graduation in any discipline preferably from Science/ Computer Science/ Electronics/ IT/ Engineering

Mode of training:



Ernakulam & Trivandrum

Date of Class Commencement:


By completing the industry ready course on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, our students can become employed anywhere in the world and thereby transform Kerala into a human resource hub which is ready for changing work conditions. This course includes a mix of both theoretical and practical aspects of the subject relevant for the industry. The NSQF compliant Level 7 Artificial Intelligence course ensures quality industry relevant content. Through this, students can learn the basics of machine learning as well as deep learning and reinforced learning. ASAP offers students the opportunity to take this course at a higher standard and at a lower fee compared to other course providers.

70% of the students in the first batch of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning were placed in various multi national companies with attractive packages.

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