Assessment & Certification


At the end of the training programme, students have to undergo an assessment that evaluates their proficiency and knowledge on the subject. Internal evaluations are carried out at various stages of class progression. ASAP coordinates with SSC and NSDC to conduct the assessment final. For ASAP q-filed courses, ASAP reserves right to conduct the final assessment.


On successful completion of the course, a student is entitled to receive a set of certificates that prove his/her merit on the domain subject. The certification process at the end of the program is in accordance with the conditions stipulated in National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF). An ASAP Student receives the following certificates :

  • APTIS Certificate– On completion of ASAP Foundation Module, British Council conducts a language proficiency test APTIS and issues APTIS certificate based on their performance.
  • NSDC / SSC Skill Certificate– National Skill Development Corporation / Sector Skill Council (SSC) recognized certificates are issued to all the qualifying students.
  • ASAP Course completion certificate- ASAP issues course certificate to all the students who have completed the course.