Career Facilitation

The promise of quality and standard skill education in Kerala is met out by ASAP by offering sensibly constructed industry relevant skill modules which imparts the youth with empoyability skills. . The trainees are allotted to real industrial environments after the completion of the training in order to gain valuable industry exposure and experience in their concerned trade. We doesn’t stop there.

Placement Strategies

Placement drives at State, District, SDC and Institution levels are conducted periodically by ASAP, SDC PMs or SDEs in collaboration with industries and Training partners to facilitate job placements to the trainees who have successfully completed their training or are undergoing training.


Triumph was the first zonal placement drive organized by ASAP throughout the State . ASAP trainees who had completed the foundation and skill course modules and successfully completed their internships were intimated and admitted to a two-day grooming session prior the drive and issued with eligibility slips sealed from each concerned SDC. Numerous companies invited by ASAP participated in the drive conducted in the year 2016 by conducting interviews and selecting and shortlisting many ASAP trainees at the drive, ensuring their placements in the respective companies. The drive helped in grooming many aspiring minds and into getting them posted in various job roles throughout industries. The districts were classified into three zones based on location.


Students can register at the ASPIRE Portal and upload their resume which will enable them to view job opportunities posted by employers and can apply for jobs specific to the sector in which they have done their course. Employers have their separate logins to post their job requirements in the industry and can choose from among the uploaded resumes.

Grooming Placement

All placement drives organized by ASAP are preceded by grooming sessions where the trainees appearing for the Placement Drives will be trained on the various aspects of job selection like resume preparation, group discussions, interview skills and interview etiquette. ASAP SDEs and PMs deliver the sessions where the trainees are taken in detail through the processes and by the end of the training mock interviews will be conducted to mentally prepare the candidate for the drive.