Banking Financial Services and Insurance sector

The Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) Sector is among the most crucial sectors in any economy as it contributes a lot towards a country’s growth. In India, BFSI sector contributes to over 6% of the country’s GDP. Being employed in this sector is considered to be reputable and dignifying due to which the demand for professionals have been on a constant rise in the past decade. Statistics by EY Global Financial Services shows that “India and China are leaders in adopting Fintech with an approximately 87% adoption rate. Awareness of FinTech, even among non-adopters, is now very high. Fintech, the blend of finance and technology, have revolutionized the BFSI sector. The modern technologies that have transformed the face of banking and financial services are Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Agile, cloud-based IT infrastructure, Blockchain Technology, Machine Learning (ML), Robotics Process Automation (RPA), micro services-based architecture, cryptocurrency and bitcoin trading, Data Analytics etc. The adoption of these new technologies have also resulted in creation of new jobs where the traditional trend of hiring only individuals from commerce background to BFSI industry have changed. A report by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) states that “the BFSI sector is expected to create additional employment of over 1.6 million during 2013-2022”. Though the pandemic may have an effect on this predicted number, the report undoubtedly speaks about the promising growth of this sector. The employment opportunities vary widely across corporate banking, retail banking, insurance industry and financial technology apart from the traditional banking jobs at Public Sector Banks.

Courses offered by ASAP Kerala in BFSI sector are as follows:

GST Accounts Assistant

GST Accounts Assistant (with TALLY)

Accounts Executive(Payables and Receivables)

Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional

Banking and Wealth Management

Certificate in Accounting Technician

Diploma in International Banking and Finance

Diploma in Advanced Wealth Management

Diploma in Urban Co-operative Banking

Diploma in Banking and Finance

Diploma in Treasury Investment & Risk Management

Certificate course in AML/KYC

Certificate course in Digital Banking

Certificate course in Prevention of Cyber Crimes and Fraud Management

Certificate course in IT Security

Certificate course in International Trade Finance