Apparel sector is one of the largest contributors to India’s export income with approximately 11 per cent of total exports. It is one of the most labour-intensive and thus one of the biggest employment generating sector, which has employed about 40 million workers directly and 60 million indirectly. India is among the very few countries which have presence across the entire supply chain, from natural and synthetic fibres right up to finished goods manufacturing. It has presence in organized mill sector as well as decentralized sectors like handloom, power loom, silk, etc. The segments of the industry- handloom, handicrafts and sericulture spinning and various natural dyeing and traditional weaves are reviving to contribute to the economy. The exports of textiles will grow at a rate of 11% to 11.5%. Out of this, the share of exports is expected to increase to about 60% in 2022.

Courses offered by ASAP Kerala in Apparel Sector are as follows:

Certificate course in Fashion Design

Costume Design for Cinema & Media Industry

School Uniform Specialist

Saree Blouse Design Specialist

Kurti & Salwar Design Specialist

Bridal & Party Gown Design Specialist

Boutique Manager