Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism and Hospitality Sector

Tourism is a practice of travelling somewhere for fun away from ones home. Tourism is not only a leisure and fun activity rather, it is also the industry which draws, accommodates and entertains tourists. Italso helps to generate income for the country and is a continual source of income. It aids and encourages infrastructure development by making ways for dams, roads, connectivity, airport improvements and any other activities that helps tourists in visiting a place in a much better way. It is a wonderful method for cultural exchange. Tourism created many jobs specifically in hotel industry, hospitality industry, service sector, entertainment, transportation industry etc. which gives an opportunity for trying new tasks and learn new skills. Tourism increases the standard of living of people and also helps in the economic progress of the nation.

Courses offered by ASAP Kerala in Tourism and Hospitality Sector are as follows:

Housekeeping Associate