Coding Skills

About the course

Coding knowledge is a must-have 21st century skill. The ability to read,write,and understand code has never been more-important,useful,or lucrative as it is today. Computer code has forever changed our lives .If you're ready to learn the magic behind web and app development but don't know a style sheet from a string , coding skills is the perfect course for the beginners.


  • To develop proficiency in computer programming to solve real time problems by utilizing design and logical thinking approaches.

  • To explore Python programming and its wide scope and develop standard coding practices.

  • To gain knowledge of interactive tools for learning programming concepts.

  • To gain knowledge of open source collaboration platforms and tools.

Course Highlights

  • Python programming language.

  • Understanding and developing algorithms.

  • Designing, writing and debugging simple computer programs using Python.

Course Content

Design thinking , Logical thinking, Python basics, Community Linking, Design of softwares


Level of the qualification in the NSQF:

Level 5

Course Duration:

200 Hours



Date of Class Commencement:



First year Students pursuing Engineering Degree