Japanese Language

Japanese Foreign Language offered by Alumni Society of AOTS (ASATC) is a Level N5 course where a candidate with 15 years and above can enroll for the course. The course is specially developed for beginners. The learner can learn Hiragana, Katakana, around 100 Kanji (Chinese characters), their readings and pronunciations, and approximately 400-500 Japanese words and the basic rudiments of Japanese Grammar.

Job Roles

Virtual Language Teaching, Translation & Proof Reading Career, Content Writing in Foreign Languages, Internet & Digital Marketing, Youtuber/ Podcaster, Blogging, Virtual Assistance for Language Learners, Interpretation

Course Level



Alumni Society of AOTS (ASATC)

Course Duration:

120 Hrs


Candidate should be 15 years and above

Course Fees:

Rs 13685