Linguistic & Life Skills Sector

Multilingual speakers always have an edge over monolingual or bilingual speakers. Language learning has advantages for anyone looking for a job shift or finding a fresh job. Language learning is a critical skill and felicity of language use can lead you to your dream job. Conveying one's ideas pragmatically and clearly to others will help you to work with citizens across the globe.

To open the gates to the sea of opportunities worldwide for the job seekers of the state, Govt of Kerala has set up multi linguistic centers, which offer language training in different languages, through the ASAP Kerala. ASAP Kerala has partnered with various internationally validated language certification agencies like Goethe Zentrum, Alliance Francaise, ASATC etc to offer language trainings and different levels of language proficiency certifications.

Courses offered by ASAP Kerala in Linguistic & Life Skills Sector are as follows:

French Language

German Language

Japanese Language

Foundation Module

Life Skill Module

Communicative English Trainer