Our Partners

Our Partners

Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP) under the Higher Education and General Education Departments associate with various government, semi-government and private organisations to build a skill ecology in the state. ASAP Kerala partners with various National, State and Private agencies for carrying our skill activities in almost all job sectors.

National Agencies

ASAP closely associates with the Central government agencies like National Skill Development Corporation and National Skill Development Agency. National Skill Development Agency (NSDA) is an autonomous body under Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship that creates the National Skill Qualifications Framework . National Skill Development Corporation India (NSDC) under Ministry of Finance, develops appropriate models to enhance, support and coordinate private sector initiatives.
ASAP offer courses that are in line with the standardisation parameters laid out by these organisations.

  • NSDA – National Skill Development Agency    NSDA
  • NSDC – National Skill Development Corporation     NSDC

Sector Skill Councils

Sector Skill Councils’ are constituted by NSDC as industry- led bodies. Additional Skill Acquisition Programme at present have signed up MoU with 24 Sector Skill Council at National Level.

Training Service Providers

Training Service Providers or TSPs carry out the skill training programme for ASAP students. Any PSU or Private organization with a strong industry network, relevant experience and competency in training may apply online at https://etenders.kerala.gov.in when notified in the website.

The firm interested in applying to be a TSP should be:

  • Active and operational anywhere in India
  • Have a record of successful training of at least 200 youth.
  • Be affiliated to Central/State Government body or the NSDC or NSDA
  • Affiliated with the related Sector Skill Council
  • Free from being barred or blacklisted by any Central/State Government body or the NSDC.

Industry Associations

All the courses offered at ASAP are based on industry relevance and considers the contemporary career opportunities in the field. For that matter, it is essential to have strong industry linkages . Programmes like SEEK, Industry Meets, BAC Meetings, BRIDGE are all hosted in regular intervals. to maintain the rapport with existing stake holders and to create new contacts. ASAP’s assciations with Industry bodies , consortiums like FICCI and CII also strengthen its ties with the stake holders.

Business Advisory Committee

Business Advisory Committees (BAC), is a group of proactive people from the industry for the sectors offering courses in ASAP, to ensure strong industry linkages in content development, delivery and certification, thereby confirming industrial and contemporary relevance for all offered courses. BAC helps by analysing skill gap study for various sectors and districts, suggesting new job roles specific to Kerala for which QPs and NOS may be required, assisting in Course validation, assessment, ensuring industry internship, setting up of Community Skill Parks etc.

A typical Business Advisory Committee would comprise,

  • Two to three industry members of each sub-sector of the SSC
  • One person from above would be nominated as Chair of BAC
  • Representatives from SSC governing Council, members or advisors
  • One or two members from Government departments dealing with the sector
  • Senior member from ASAP team
  • Programme manager in charge of the sector.
List of BAC Members

Academic Institutions

Institutions are linked with ASAP upon three criteria.

  • The partner institutions that run various Skill Programmes of ASAP.
  • Government institutions appropriated by ASAP as Skill Development Centres,(SDCs) by upgrading the infrastructure and other facilities of the institution, thereby transforming the Centres into a mutually beneficial model.
  • Institutions partnered with ASAP where both the infrastructure and the faculty members are used for delivering ASAP courses. Government and aided Arts and science Colleges partner with ASAP for the Training Partner Scheme (TPS) and Polytechnic and Engineering Colleges which are either government run, or aided, partner with ASAP for the DAT Scheme.