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Abrasive Blasting Technique is used for surface restoration and preparation by using grit blasting techniques. As it is in high demand in the steel and ship industry, both in India and abroad, this course is offered to students looking to get into this field. Students of this course will practice their abrasive blasting skills on the equipment, which are normally used in workplaces. Such practical training assists the trainees to work like experienced technicians right from the outset.

Programme Outcome:  

  • Gain a solid theoretical foundation in the principles of abrasive blasting, including the types of abrasive materials, equipment, and applications across various industries.
  • Acquire a thorough understanding of safety protocols and best practices, emphasising the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), ventilation systems, and compliance with safety regulations to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Develop proficiency in operating abrasive blasting equipment, including setup, operation, and routine maintenance procedures. Trainees should be able to troubleshoot common issues related to equipment operation.
  • Understanding of the characteristics of different abrasive materials and of how to select the appropriate abrasive based on the material being treated and the desired surface finish.
  • Learn and practice various surface preparation techniques using abrasive blasting, including methods suitable for different substrates and project requirements.
  • Understanding of the quality control measures and inspection techniques to assess the effectiveness of abrasive blasting processes and ensure compliance with project specifications.
  • Engage in practical, hands-on exercises to apply theoretical knowledge, and gain practical skills under the guidance of experienced instructors. This may include simulated projects to mimic real-world scenarios.
  • Attain an awareness of industry standards, regulations, and best practices related to abrasive blasting, ensuring that participants are well-prepared for work in various industrial settings.

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Skills Covered

  • Safety Practices
  • Blasting Equipment Operation
  • Quality Control
  • Problem-Solving
  • Surface preparation Codes and Standards
  • Communication
  • Workplace Ethics
  • Professionalism

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