Diploma in Advanced Contract Drafting, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

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Diploma in Advanced Contract Drafting, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
Course Start Date
24 Jul, 2023
Application Dates
1 Apr, 2023 - 30 Jun, 2023
520 hours
Course Mode
In Partnership with
  • Lawsikho+MEPSC

Course Overview

Understand the basic components and structure of contracts

This course aims to provide students with the expertise to draft contracts by comprehending the introductory, operative, boilerplate and drafting clauses. The course is industry-specific and captures prime fields like Software and IT, Banking, Real Estate, Intellectual Property Rights and Commercial sector, while teaching students the drafting intricacies involved in these sectors.

The risk element is dealt with in detail to make students competent to not only draft but negotiate contracts for their clients and make it a document capturing the best interest of their clients.

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Key Topics

● Consultancy agreement ● Employment contract ● Event management agreement ● Non-disclosure agreement ● Exclusive agreement ● Memorandum of understanding ● Agency agreement ● Advisors agreement ● Will ● Trust deed ● Non-Circumvention and Fee Protection Agreement ● Purchase agreement ● Letter of intent ● Commission agreement ● Staffing agreement ● Management service agreement ● Operations and maintenance agreement ● Franchise agreement ● Distribution agreement ● Power of attorney ● Event merchandising agreement ● Sponsorship agreement ● Affiliate Program Services Agreement ● Business Collaboration Agreement ● Management Service Agreement ● Hire Purchase Agreement

● Term Sheet ● The Limited Liability Partnership agreement ● Partnership agreement ● Co-founders agreement ● Memorandum of association ● Articles of Association ● Share purchase agreement ● Share subscription agreement

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Skills Covered

  • Basic components of typical contracts
  • Formatting techniques in drafting
  • Negotiation skills with stakeholders

Who is this course for?

  • Students pursuing graduation in law
  • Professionals who have completed graduation in any field with relevant work experience
  • Both legal as well as non-legal background persons who have experience in managing vendor-related contracts, supply chains contracts, procurement contracts, or a basic understanding of management contracts or experience of the like nature is a prerequisite for enrolling in the course


  • Lawsikho+MEPSC

Training Partners

  • Lawsikho
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What to expect after the course

On completion of Diploma in Advanced Contract Drafting, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution course, we assist potential candidates to connect with prospective employers. Here’s what you can expect.

Job Roles

Expected Salary

Key Recruiters


Expected Salary

  • 450000 /- p.a.

Key Recruiters

  • PDR Organisation Pvt. Ltd.
  • Verasys Technologies
  • Your Legal Career Coach (YLCC)
Independent Practice

Expected Salary

  • 450000 /- p.a.

Key Recruiters

  • PDR Organisation Pvt. Ltd.
  • Verasys Technologies
  • Your Legal Career Coach (YLCC)
In-House Counsel

Expected Salary

  • 450000 /- p.a.

Key Recruiters

  • PDR Organisation Pvt. Ltd.
  • Your Legal Career Coach (YLCC)
  • Verasys Technologies

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As many as 80 exercises will be rolled out, and to complete the course, students will be required to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Attempt 40 exercises
  • Each exercise will be of 10 marks each
  • Submit a minimum of 10 articles of publishable quality of 10 marks each
  • Clear an MCQ Test (50 MCQ questions of 2 marks each)
  • Total marks will be 600

The assessment for MEPSC certification will be done separately by MEPSC through their assessment agencies. A candidate who has completed the course and is eligible for certification from LawSikho will be qualified to go for the MEPSC assessment. This assessment
will comprise theory and practical assessment of 100 marks.

MEPSC certification will be given to candidates who secure a minimum of 70% in the assessment conducted by MEPSC.

LawSikho certification will be given to candidates who secure a minimum of 40% in the course assessment

● Understand the basic elements and structure of typical contracts

● Learn how to draft contracts effectively by understanding the operative, boilerplate and drafting clauses to mitigate the risk that ensures maximum enforceability

● Identify commercial intent of contracts across multiple industries like manufacturing, services, M&A, banking and finance, media and intellectual property, technology, public procurement etc.

● Learn how to appreciate client’s needs and expectations and get specific instructions in writing that clients do not go back on

● Develop skills for the appropriate usage of terms in contracts that provide structure and precision to the contract, depending on clients’ requirements

● Understand the expectations of law firms and companies from lawyers with respect to drafting and reviewing contracts

● Understand how to add value to a contract and provide clients what they need on a case-by-case basis

● Get introduced to common drafting errors and implement tips on avoiding them

● Get skilled in identifying and articulating major loopholes in clients’ existing contracts or previous drafts

● Understand formatting techniques necessary for efficacious and powerful drafting

● Learn to use a checklist while drafting contracts that would ensure no clauses are missed

● Learn about signing (execution), stamping, registration of contracts, attestation, notarisation and apostillation of contracts, and how it impacts their legal validity and enforceability

● Learn about the validity of old stamp papers and stamp papers from other states

● Learn about counterparts and their validity

● Understand how and when to create condition precedents and conditions subsequent in a contract, and allocate responsibility for their fulfilment

● Learn about the ‘closing’ of a contract and how to draft a closing/ completion clause

● Learn how to specify obligations and allocate risks to parties to avoid confusion

  • Online 24/7 access
  • Access to basic study material through an online learning management system, Android and iOS app
  • Study Material: Students will have access to the online materials through the learning portal.
  • Practical Exercises: Two practical exercises every week, followed by written feedback
  • Live online classes: Based on the exercises, there will be a live video-based online class. Doubts can be cleared and personal feedback received in this class.
  • Convenient class timings: Classes are held after regular work hours. Typically, classes are kept on Sunday afternoons or between 8-9 pm on other days.

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