French Language – A1

10th+ 31 Mar, 2023 1 May, 2023


French Language – A1
Course Start Date
24 Apr, 2023
Application Dates
1 Feb, 2023 - 31 Mar, 2023
100 hours
Course Mode
In Partnership with
  • alliance-francaise
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Course Overview

French Language offered by Alliance Francaise is a Level A-1 course where candidates above 18 years can enroll. The course aids learners in recognising and using simple phrases, apart from answering basic questions about home, family, surroundings, etc. Learners will also be able to communicate in a basic manner.


1) Saturday & Sunday -10 AM to 1 PM
2) Monday to Friday - 5 PM to 7:30 PM

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Key Topics

Alphabets, numbers, family name, residence, personal belongings, classroom objects, nationalities, professions, marital status, countries and cities, hobbies, family, time, prices, climate, date, days of the week, descriptions (small, big, old, young, etc), colours, seasons, and places.

Personal subject pronouns, tonic pronouns, present tense, verbs, interrogative pronouns, adjectives, indefinite articles, cardinal numbers, demonstrative adjectives, masculine/feminine and singular/plural

Affirmative and negative sentences, negation, partitive articles, adverbs of quantity, expressions of time and expressions of places.

INR 9,499


to secure your future
1 Single payment

Rs 9499 (including GST)

Skills Covered

  • Verbal and spatial abilities
  • Memory function (long & short-term)
  • Creative thinking capacity

Who is this course for?

Candidate should be 18 years or older


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Training Partners

  • alliance-francaise
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What to expect after the course

On completion of French Language – A1 course, we assist potential candidates to connect with prospective employers. Here’s what you can expect.

Job Roles

Expected Salary

Key Recruiters

Virtual Language Teaching

Expected Salary

  • 300000 /- p.a.

Key Recruiters

    Translation & Proof Reading Career

    Expected Salary

    • 400000 /- p.a.

    Key Recruiters

      Content Writing in Foreign Languages

      Expected Salary

      • 300000 /- p.a.

      Key Recruiters


        I am very happy to be a part of the French language A1 level course conducted by ASAP Kerala. The classes are organised in a manner where everyone gets equal attention and it makes learning easier. I’m very happy that ASAP Kerala is providing such a wonderful platform for aspiring students and I’m looking forward to more such initiatives from ASAP Kerala.


        Anjana K Saju


        I am a French A1 student under ASAP. The instructor is approachable and welcomes all our doubts. I joined this course out of curiosity for the language and to put my vacation to proper use, but now the language has caught my fancy and I wish to study further.


        Olivia Vincent


        I joined this course just out of an interest to study a foreign language. Initially, I thought it will be hard to follow the language, but the trainers teach in a simple and effective way, making it easy to grasp the concepts. Without a doubt, I am proud to be a part of this skill development programme.


        Sruthi.T. P


        Need Assistance


        No, the fee will be accepted as a one-time payment.

        No, a separate assessment fee will be charged, however, candidates can decide whether to undergo the assessment.

        You can write to us.

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