Lab Chemist

Graduation 30 Oct, 2021 1 Feb, 2021


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Course Start Date
1 Nov, 2021
Application Dates
15 Oct, 2021 - 30 Oct, 2021
150 hours
Course Mode
In Partnership with
  • Rubber Chemicals & Petrochemicals Skill Development Council

INR 13,250

Fee Structure

Course Overview

Equip successful trainees with the knowledge and skills essential for testing of incoming raw materials which are used during processing of rubber. Trainees shall learn to conduct tests as per laid down methods and specifications, maintain the work area, undertake reporting and documentation, conduct quality checks, identify problems and resolve issues.

Key Topics

To attain basic life skills for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.

To create an awareness about various standards organizations and their functioning.

To create an awareness of safety, understand safety of equipment and operators, the concept of emergency, and the principles firefighting equipment systems

To familiarize with the different types of polymer, various marketable forms of NR – RSS, TSR, crepe, latex concentrates, Synthetic rubbers and understand their properties and applications, different rubber processing machineries, design of laboratories for carrying out physical and chemical tests on rubbers and other raw materials.

Lab Chemist-Raw Material Testing- Housekeeping in laboratory, sample collection, preparation of standard reagents to be used in the testing process, test methods for raw materials, analysis of test data and presentation of the same, specific documentation aspects related to laboratory testing

Skills Covered

  • Different grades of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and reclaimed rubber
  • Different compounding ingredients used in rubber compounding
  • Different processes used in rubber industry like mixing, molding, extrusion and calendaring
  • Awareness about different rubber products
  • Testing of raw materials Interpretation of results and documentation
  • Safety precautions to be taken in the lab

Who is this course for?

Graduates or undergraduates who studied chemistry as main or subsidiary subject


  • Rubber Chemicals & Petrochemicals Skill Development Council

Training Partners

  • National Institute of Rubber Training
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Lab Chemist, Testing Technologist, Quality Control Assistant

Assessment will be done by National Institute of Rubber Training

Skill Certificate by Sector Skill Council, Government of India along with a course completion certificate by ASAP

Offline Residential training programme, food and accommodation will be provided at the National Institute for Rubber Training

Graduates or Undergraduates pursuing their degree with Chemistry as main or subsidiary can apply for this course.

Placement Assistance will be provided by National Institute for Rubber Training

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