Mastering Animation in Unreal

Diploma 16 Sep, 2024


Mastering Animation in Unreal
420 hours
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Course Overview

This course addresses the growing need for animators trained on Unreal Engine as more and more studios migrate to this new platform. This 3 and a half month upskilling course helps you master the intricacies of the art of 3D character animation in Unreal. The course is a deep dive into the core elements of this particular stage of the animation pipeline and also has a unit where you will explore the different techniques and tools in Maya. The learner will be provided with an opportunity to engage with both the theoretical principles & practice of 3D character animation. It will enable them to be thoroughbred professionals equipped with the required technical, conceptual and artistic skills for the real world of the fast-growing animation industry.

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Skills Covered

  • Deconstructing a film into its elements
  • Understand how images can be used to make meaning
  • Advanced techniques and tools in Unreal Engine
  • Apply the principles of animation to make the characters’ movement believable
  • Study of body mechanics
  • Applying the principles of acting for animation to bring characters to life
  • Understanding the story process from idea to pre-viz

Who is this course for?

This upskilling course is for freshers who have just finished an animation or VFX related course and for self-taught learners who have basic knowledge of any CG Software.


  • Zebu Animation Studios

Training Partners

  • Datsi School for Storytellers

Meet your Trainers

  • Suresh EC

What to expect after the course

Upon completion of Mastering Animation in Unreal course, we assist potential candidates to connect with prospective employers. Here’s what you can expect.

Job Roles

Expected Salary

Key Recruiters

3D Character Animator

Expected Salary

  • 133000 /- p.a.
  • 144000 /- p.a.

Key Recruiters

  • Zebu Animations Studios
  • Xentrix Studios
  • Technicolor
  • PhilmCGI
  • Color Pix
  • Craft Guru
  • Cosmos - Maya

Expected Salary

  • /- p.a.

Key Recruiters

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    This is an upskilling course for freshers who have just finished an animation or VFX related course, and for self taught learners who have basic knowledge of any CG Software.

    This course has been co-designed with industry professionals so as to fill the gaps between education and industry. Candidates who finish this course will be industry ready with the knowledge of the latest tools and pipelines, and have a creative edge over their peers.

    The course will be taught full-time on-campus at Datsi’s School for Storytellers’ campus in KINFRA Film and Video Park, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

    Datsi School for Storytellers has tie-ups with several animation studios in India and around the world. Candidates have a higher possibility of being selected by the top Animation, Games, or Visual Effects Studios across the globe after associating with Datsi.

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