Professional in Fashion Designing

10th+ 30 Sep, 2023 4 Oct, 2023


Professional in Fashion Designing
Course Start Date
3 Oct, 2023
Application Dates
27 Jul, 2023 - 30 Sep, 2023
180 hours
Course Mode
In Partnership with

Course Overview

Our Fashion designing course offer aspiring designers the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the dynamic and creative world of fashion. This course provides a comprehensive overview of various aspects of fashion design, encompassing design principles, garment construction, textile knowledge, trend analysis, and fashion business strategies.

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Skills Covered

  • Fashion Sketching and Illustration
  • Pattern Making and Draping
  • Fashion Styling
  • Portfolio Development
  • Fashion Business Strategy

Who is this course for?

Our Fashion designing course is open to a wide range of individuals who have an interest in pursuing a career or developing skills in the field of fashion and new trends. Anyone who have completed SSLC can apply for this course.


  • National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)

Training Partners


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What to expect after the course

On completion of Professional in Fashion Designing course, we assist potential candidates to connect with prospective employers. Here’s what you can expect.

Job Roles

Expected Salary

Key Recruiters

Fashion Designer

Expected Salary

  • 180000 /- p.a.
  • 540000 /- p.a.

Key Recruiters

Pattern Maker

Expected Salary

  • 180000 /- p.a.
  • 540000 /- p.a.

Key Recruiters

Fashion Stylist

Expected Salary

  • 180000 /- p.a.
  • 540000 /- p.a.

Key Recruiters

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A fashion design course is a skilling program that provides training and knowledge in various aspects of fashion design. Throughout our course, you will learn skills such as fashion sketching, pattern making, garment construction, textile selection, design concept development, and fashion illustration. Our course aims to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a career in the fashion industry.

No prior experience is typically required to enroll in a fashion design course. This course is designed to cater to beginners with little to no background in fashion or design. However, having a passion for fashion, creativity, and an interest in designing can be beneficial and enhance your learning experience.

After completing a fashion design course, you can pursue various career paths in the fashion industry. Common job roles include fashion designer, assistant designer, pattern maker, fashion illustrator, stylist, merchandiser, fashion buyer, and more. Additionally, you may have the option to start your own fashion label or work as a freelance designer.

Yes, this course incorporate projects and assignments that will allow you to build a portfolio. A portfolio is essential for showcasing your skills, creativity, and design concepts to potential employers or clients.

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