Professional in Graphic Designing

10th+ 30 Sep, 2023 4 Oct, 2023


Professional in Graphic Designing
Course Start Date
3 Oct, 2023
Application Dates
1 Jul, 2023 - 30 Sep, 2023
180 hours
Course Mode
In Partnership with

Course Overview

The Professional in Graphic Designing course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and techniques used in graphic designing. This course aims to develop the essential skills required to create visually appealing and effective designs for various mediums, including print and digital platforms.

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Skills Covered

  • Design Principles
  • Creativity and Visual Thinking
  • Visual Communication
  • Software Proficiency
  • Digital Design Skills
  • Print Design Skills

Who is this course for?

This graphic designing course is open to a wide range of individuals who have an interest in pursuing a career or developing skills in the field of graphic design. A person who have completed SSLC can apply for this course.



  • National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)

Training Partners


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What to expect after the course

On completion of Professional in Graphic Designing course, we assist potential candidates to connect with prospective employers. Here’s what you can expect.

Job Roles

Expected Salary

Key Recruiters

Graphic Designer

Expected Salary

  • 120000 /- p.a.
  • 600000 /- p.a.

Key Recruiters

UI/UX Designer

Expected Salary

  • 120000 /- p.a.
  • 540000 /- p.a.

Key Recruiters

Web Designer

Expected Salary

  • 120000 /- p.a.
  • 480000 /- p.a.

Key Recruiters

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Yes, you can pursue a graphic design course even without a formal background in art or design. The course will provide you with the necessary design principles and technical skills to develop your artistic abilities and succeed in the field of graphic design.

After completing our graphic designing course, you can explore a wide range of career opportunities in the design industry. Some common career paths include graphic designer, web designer, UI/UX designer, art director, branding specialist, packaging designer, motion graphics designer, and freelance designer. These roles can be found in design agencies, marketing departments, advertising firms, publishing companies, and other creative industries

In this course you will learn about Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw and InDesign. These tools are industry standards for image editing, vector graphics creation, and layout design, respectively. Additionally, courses may cover other software and tools relevant to web design, animation, and multimedia production.

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