Rescue Diver

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Rescue Diver
40 hours
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Course Overview

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI®) Rescue Diver course will alter your diving style for the better. It aims to provided confidence to divers to address minor problems. Through self-study and skill practise under the guidance of an instructor, learn how to think like a rescue diver. Each PADI course is customisable and results-driven. After practising basic rescue tactics, you'll be able to effectively employ them in open water. You'll practise dealing with situations like a leg cramp and assisting a tired diver by role-playing with other students and your instructor.

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Key Topics

This exercise teaches students to respond to a panicked diver. Students should focus on safely rescuing an irrational diver

This exercise guides student divers through non-swimming and swimming assists to help a responsive diver. Emphasize efficiency and build upon skills practiced in previous exercises, and principles learned in the first two knowledge development sections.

During this exercise, student divers organize and conduct a search for a missing diver.

This exercise develops bringing a diver simulating unresponsiveness to the surface. Emphasize proper positioning and ascent control. Encourage divers to think during ascent about the next step to take upon surfacing.

This exercise teaches students the initial steps for helping the unresponsive diver at the surface.

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Skills Covered

  • Self rescue
  • Emergency First Response and CPR review
  • Water skills review
  • Diver assists and rescues
  • Rescue scenarios training
  • Emergency plans

Who is this course for?

Advanced Open Water Diver Certification, Emergency First Respond Certificate, Minimum age: 12yrs for junior AOWD/ 15yrs for AOWD Ø Maximum depth: 18meters for junior/ 30meters for AOWD


  • PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)

Training Partners

  • Bond Water Sports Pvt Ltd

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A rescue diver rescues panicked and unresponsive divers, manages stress in other divers, and prevents and foresees emergency situations.

During this course, you will learn to use emergency oxygen, troubleshoot and fix minor scuba gear issues, improve underwater navigation skills, learn how to identify a diver in need at the surface or underwater and how to rescue another diver or yourself.

The rescue diver course is both mentally and physically challenging. However, if you are in good physical shape, have average reading and comprehension skills, and are a good diver, you may find the rescue course just slightly harder than the advanced diver course.

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