What’s Inside? – Basic Electronics Workshop for Kids

2nd Grade to 9th Grade 31 Jan, 2024 15 Apr, 2024


What’s Inside? – Basic Electronics Workshop for Kids
Course Start Date
1 Apr, 2024
Application Dates
1 Jan, 2024 - 31 Jan, 2024
6 hours
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Course Overview

The What's Inside breaking down Programme - basic electronics workshop for kids offers hands-on training sessions for students of different grade levels to learn about electronic devices, their components, troubleshooting, and repair techniques. The program is divided into three levels, each catering to a specific age group and skill level. Participants will gain practical knowledge through disassembling and assembling various devices, testing components, and solving technical issues. The program also includes theoretical lessons, safety guidelines, and Q&A sessions.

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Key Topics

  • Overview of the module objectives and outline.
  • Importance of following guidelines and safety instructions.
  • Importance of safety protocols in working with electronic devices.
  • Understanding electrical hazards and precautions.
  • Proper handling and storage of electronic devices.
  • Emergency response procedures.
  • Introduction to various types of electronic devices (e.g., smartphones, laptops, televisions).
  • Categorization based on functionality and purpose.
  • Discussion on the key features and components of each device type.
  • Identification and description of common electronic and electrical
    components (e.g., resistors, capacitors, transistors).
  • Functions and roles of components in electronic circuits.
  • Hands-on activities to familiarize participants with component


  • Introduction to essential tools for working with electronic devices (e.g., screwdrivers, pliers, multimeter).
  • Explanation of each tool’s purpose and proper usage.
  • Demonstration and hands-on practice with tools.
  • Step-by-step guidance on disassembling and assembling different types of devices.
  • Identification of key components and connectors during disassembly.
  • Proper handling and organization of disassembled parts.
  • Hands-on practice with disassembling and reassembling selected devices.
  • Introduction to testing equipment and techniques for components (e.g., multimeter, continuity testing).
  • Hands-on exercises to test various components within a device.
  • Interpretation of test results and identification of faulty components.
  • Overview of common device problems and troubleshooting approaches.
  • Systematic troubleshooting methodology.
  • Hands-on exercises to diagnose and solve device-related issues.
  • Introduction to basic repair techniques for electronic devices.
  • Replacement of faulty components.
  • Repairing common issues such as loose connections, broken cables, etc.
  • Explanation of desoldering and soldering processes.
  • Familiarization with desoldering and soldering tools (e.g., soldering iron, desoldering pump).
  • Demonstration and hands-on practice of basic soldering techniques.

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Skills Covered

  • Deep Content Knowledge
  • Critical Thinking Skill
  • Collaborative Thinking
  • Stimulation of Curiosity & Creativity

Who is this course for?

Students between 7 years -13 years


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