Florence Nightingale Data Science talk series –Webinar on Different Approaches to Natural Language Processing


Machine Learning Group in IIT Palakkad with the support of CREDS (Centre for Research and Education Data Science, IIT Palakkad) and ASAP (Additional Skill Acquisition Programme, higher education department, Govt of Kerala)  is organizing the Florence Nightingale Data Science Talk Series.

The data science talk series hosts eminent scientists and engineers working in various areas of data science across the nation. There is a talk every last Saturday of the month at 11am. The talk series is online and open to all without any registration.

The objective of the initiative is to connect a wide range of data science enthusiasts to the latest as well as classical theories and techniques in data science.

More information about the talk series can be found here: https://mlgiitpkd.github.io/dst.html