Placement Statistics

ASAP Kerala’s placement division functions round the year to ensure the brightest prospective minds work with the best in business. We’ve been successful in maintaining our high placement statistics over the last few years. Our ingenious alumnae, who bear witness to our quality, have set record standards in their respective fields through their sizeable contribution.


Students currently enrolled for ASAP courses


Students placed so far


Recruitment partners


Average CTC offered to placed students


Students placed under Graduate Probation Programme

Thank you for recruiting from us

We thank the firms for partnering with us and recruiting from the pool of ASAP Kerala skilled candidates. We intend to sustain this association in the future.

Delhi International Airport
Hyderabad International Airport
Nest Digital
Plug in Hive

Major Job Roles

ASAP Kerala’s dedicated placement division has ensured that our students are successfully placed in specific job roles based on their desired sector and the courses they have completed through ASAP Kerala.

Automotive Service Technician
Trade Finance officer
Data Scientist
Project manager
Product Designer

Placement Grooming Course

All placement drives are preceded by grooming sessions where trainees are tutored on the various aspects of job selection like resume preparation, group discussions, interview skills and interview etiquettes.

The investment for the course is Rs 2,970/- per candidate. Additional training of 80 hours is provided to those candidates who need extra focus. Candidates willing to pursue the course may get themselves registered at the Placement Portal of ASAP Kerala.

The course is a 122-hour module, covering four specific segments:

  1. Basics of Quantitative, Logical and Verbal aptitude (beginner level)
  2. Higher-order quantitative, logical and verbal aptitude
  3. Soft skill training
  4. Company-specific training with assessments at the end of each module.
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Placement Portal

The portal facilitates placement activities and acts as a platform for industries and students to collaborate, and access their requirements and opportunities.

Visit our Placement Portal for more details.

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Graduate Probation

Graduate Probation Programme

An internship programme for graduates to make them industry-ready. The one-year programme has been rolled out in collaboration with leading firms like Medtronic, and government departments. It provides an avenue to the young and vibrant brains to get hands-on training, which in turn will help create a pool of skilled resources.

Who can apply?

Candidates who have completed their graduation in any discipline during 2020-2021.

How to apply?

Get yourself registered on the ASAP Kerala website. Candidates will have to undergo a pre-assessment of their domain knowledge and skillsets. The candidates in the rank list shall make a one-time investment of Rs 500/-. Based on the rank list, the deployment of the candidates is done.

Validity of the Rank List

The Ranklist will be valid for a period of six months or till it expires, whichever is earlier.

  1. Rank List 1Exam conducted on August 2021
  2. Rank List 2– Exam conducted on November 2021
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Student Testimonials

Our successful students keep us motivated and provide the impetus to keep going!

Let’s hear from our students who were placed with different firms based on the respective courses they completed through ASAP Kerala.

ASAP’s graphic designer course helped me get a job at EY. The six-month extensive training provided by ASAP at a very economical rate is a must-do for anyone aspiring for a career in graphic designing. Thank you ASAP for setting my career path.

Arya Nambiar V K

Student Graphic Designer batch, Placed in EY
The Lab Chemist course offered by National Institute of Rubber Training (NIRT) and ASAP has helped me chart a career path. The course has got me my first job as a lab chemist with St Mary's Rubbers Pvt Ltd. Thanks ASAP.

Anu Sunny

Lab Chemist, St Mary's Rubbers Kanjirapalli
The Lab Chemist course offered by ASAP through NIRT has helped me land a job at St Mary's Rubbers, Kanjirapally. The understanding of the rubber industry that I gained through the course is perhaps unmatched with industry veterans themselves training us. Thanks ASAP

Anusha P Jacob

Lab Chemist, St Mary's Rubbers Kanjirapalli
Thanks ASAP and NIRT for the Lab Chemist course. It has helped me to get my first job.

Sneha Benny

Lab Chemist, St Mary's Rubbers Kanjirapalli
It gives me great pleasure to say that I have completed the Lab Chemist course by ASAP from NIRT. Now I am a lab Chemist at St Mary's Rubbers Pvt Ltd. I would like to thank the members of the faculty for this great achievement.

Arathy Ponnappan

Lab Chemist, St Mary's Rubbers Kanjirapalli
I am very proud and blessed to be a part of ASAP. The Lab Chemist course of ASAP and training in NIRT helped me to improve my career and I got placed at St. Mary's Rubbers Pvt Ltd as Lab Chemist. I am very thankful to the ASAP team and NIRT for this achievement.

Nimmy Scaria

Lab Chemist, St Mary's Rubbers Kanjirapalli
I am thankful to ASAP for this fantastic course. This course helped me acquire more knowledge and enhance my skills in the rubber sector. The theory classes as well as the practical sessions were amazing. Thanks ASAP and NIRT.

Elmy Paul

Lab Chemist, St Mary's Rubbers Kanjirapalli
ASAP Kerala provided me with an excellent opportunity to gather new knowledge in the rubber sector. I am grateful to ASAP for helping me get placed at Edathala polymers Pvt.Ltd.

Laya Eugine

Lab Chemist, Edathala polymers Pvt.Ltd.
Thank you so much ASAP and NIRT team for the Lab Chemist course. The course helped me land a job with Edathala Polymers Pvt Ltd, Aluva. Thanks ASAP.

Navyasree Reghu

Lab Chemist, Edathala polymers Pvt.Ltd.
ASAP’s Lab Chemist course helped gain a better understanding of the rubber industry. The experienced NIRT trainers provided an incredible learning experience. Currently, I am working with as a Lab Chemist with an ISO Certified Company. Thanks ASAP

Ajay Vishnu G

Lab Chemist, Edathala polymers Pvt.Ltd.
I am grateful to ASAP Kerala and TKMIT for helping me land a job offer with UST Global. ASAP groomed us for the placements. I cracked the aptitude and technical test, and the interview rounds with the support of this training. I am thankful to ASAP Kerala for providing placement opportunities even during the pandemic, and helping me get placed.

Fafeena Mole H

Associate Software Developer, UST Global
I got placed with UST Global as an Associate Software Developer. I would like to thank the ASAP team for providing the opportunity. We all know that we require additional skills to receive an offer from reputed firms like UST. ASAP helped me in achieving the same.

Aiswarya M K

Associate Software Developer, UST Global
I work with UST as an Associate Software Developer. I thank ASAP Kerala for the fantastic job opportunity I received through the ASAP placement portal. I'm grateful to ASAP for recognising my skills and abilities, and offering me a platform to receive this job offer.

Mithwa Ravindran

Associate Software Developer, UST Global