What is the role of ASAP Kerala?

The Government of Kerala has designated ASAP Kerala as the regulator of skill training institutes in the state that are not affiliated with the Sector Skill Council or any university or directorate. We’ve been entrusted with this responsibility as we’re the first organisation in the state to be recognised by NCVET. The direction aims to streamline the skilling sector and benefit the state, as well as trainers and trainees, as ASAP Kerala is the sole regulatory body in the state.

In July 2022, ASAP Kerala was accorded dual recognition as an Awarding Body (AB) and an Assessment Agency (AA) by the National Council for Vocational Education and Training (NCVET) under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), Government of India. NCVET, an overarching umbrella regulator, seeks to establish regulations and standards to ensure quality across the entire vocational training value chain.

What is accreditation?

Accreditation of a skill training centre (TC), which is an entity created by a skill training body (TB), is a quality control procedure wherein training facilities are assessed with respect to the necessary standards. The process involves assessing TBs and affiliating their selected job roles against the prescribed quality standards. Accreditation of TBs aids in efficiently administering and delivering competency-based skill training, along with better visibility and acceptance of its skill courses. 

Why is accreditation essential?

The primary objective of accreditation is to bring standardization to the skill ecosystem in Kerala. It offers TBs support to raise standards of skill delivery. It also focusses on the objective evaluation of skill providers, fostering excellence in TBs, and enabling trainees to make informed choices. Industry-standard and relevant assessment and certification are also ensured with the long-term objective of alignment with NSQF.

Merits of obtaining ASAP Kerala accreditation

  1. Your pathway to get skill courses recognized by NCVET, the apex Government of India body for skilling initiatives. 
  2. Association with ASAP Kerala, the sole Awarding Body (AB) and Assessment Agency (AA) in Kerala recognised by NCVET with experiential knowledge of a decade of skill training operations.
  3. Letter of accreditation by ASAP Kerala.
  4. Get listed in ASAP Kerala’s register of accredited agencies and also in the Digital Work Management System (DWMS).
  5. Get your curriculum reviewed by established subject and industry experts. 
  6. Preparation of customised scientific and detailed question bank
  7. Technology-driven transparent assessment process. 
  8. Enhanced market acceptability through ASAP Kerala certification.
  9. Get the privilege of greater industry connect.
  10. Improved visibility among prime recruiters.
  11. Avail add-on support in trainers’ training, curriculum development, NSQF course alignment, and NSQF course adoption.

Process of accreditation

Step 1: Website-based initial registration – OTP and email login information
Step 2: Initial scrutiny
Step 3: Acceptance/ rejection (along with email intimation)
Step 4: Initial fee payment
Step 5: Detailed application and document submission for centre accreditation and course affiliation
Step 6: Data verification
Step 7: Data consolidation
Step 8: Final fee payment
Step 9: Physical audit
Step 10: Final evaluation and scrutiny
Step 11: Signing of agreement
Step 12: Letter of accreditation 

How to apply

A single-window application called Kerala Skill Accreditation Platform (K-SAP) is being set up. A manual process will be followed till the launch of K-SAP. Kindly fill out the form shared below. We will connect with you at the earliest to assist you with the accreditation process.

Registration link: Click Here

For more details, kindly reach out to us at:
9747392347 (Programme manager in-charge of Accreditation Division)