CSP Chathannur

CSP Chathannur


ASAP Community Skill Park Chathannur is a world-class training facility that focuses on providing education and training in various emerging technologies. The skill park is designed to offer training programmes in a variety of fields such as Drone Technology, AR/VR, Robotics, Digital Marketing, Jewellery Making, Finance, and Beauty & Wellness.

The training modules are taught by experienced and qualified faculty members who have extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of emerging technologies. The courses are designed to be practical and hands-on, providing students with the opportunity to work on real-world projects and gain practical experience in using the latest tools and technologies.

ESAF Foundation is the operating partner of ASAP Community Skill Park Chathannur. As an operating partner, ESAF provides support for the skill development programs offered by the park. This includes contributing to the design and delivery of training modules, providing equipment and resources for training, and offering job placement opportunities to the program graduates.

In addition to skill training a rural call centre is also set up by ESAF at ASAP Community Skill Park Chathannur. 


ESAF Small Finance Bank is a financial institution based in Thrissur, Kerala, India. The bank was founded in 1992 as Evangelical Social Action Forum, a non-profit organisation focused on empowering marginalised communities in India. In 2017, the organisation received a banking licence from the Reserve Bank of India and rebranded itself as ESAF Small Finance Bank.

ESAF Bank is committed to promoting financial inclusion and social development in the communities it serves. ESAF Small Finance Bank is actively involved in promoting skill development in India. The bank partners with various organisations and government initiatives to support skilling programs for young people, especially those from marginalised communities.

ESAF Bank's skilling initiatives include providing vocational training in areas such as agriculture, hospitality, and healthcare. The bank also offers financial literacy training to help people better manage their finances and make informed decisions. ESAF Bank's skilling programs aim to help bridge the skills gap in India and create a workforce that is better equipped to meet the demands of the job market.

Courses & Workshops Offered:-

  • Spoken English
  • Small Category Drone Pilot training
  • Career Development Workshops
  • Introduction to Robotics - Internship + course
  • Digital Marketing Workshops
  • Assistant Beauty Therapist
  • Cake Making Workshops
  • LED lights making workshop
  • Solar panel installation / maintenance technician
  • Entrepreneurship workshops
  • GST using Tally
  • Microfinance Executive
  • MS Excel Workshop
  • Pickle / Masala Powder Making Course
  • Jewellery Making Course
  • AR / VR Workshop