Empowering Youth: Kerala’s First Block Level Skill Sabha Inaugurated in Mananthavady

In a groundbreaking stride towards nurturing skill development and empowering the youth, the state of Kerala proudly inaugurated its first Block Level Skill Sabha at Mananthavady, Wayanad. This significant event unfolded under the auspices of Mananthavady Block Panchayat President, Justin Baby. The Mananthavady Block Skill Sabha inauguration was a moment of pride, drawing both a distinguished audience and enthusiastic participants alike.

Held at the picturesque locale of the Mananthavady ASAP Community Skill Park, the inauguration ceremony was graced by the presence of Shri. H. B. Pradeep Master, Edavaka Grama Panchayat President, who presided over the proceedings. The event garnered attention from representatives of government offices, local educational institutions, and eminent personalities committed to community growth and development.

The event’s resounding success was mirrored in the overwhelming response from the youth, with over 200 participants engaging actively. The convergence of young minds, governmental support, and educational institutions highlighted the Skill Sabha’s profound potential in shaping Kerala’s youth into future leaders and skilled professionals.

A highlight of the occasion was the participation of representatives from diverse skill development centres across the Mananthavady constituency. These representatives shared valuable insights into the ongoing training programmes that are equipping local youth with vital skills. Mrs. Shahna K. S., the Center Head of ASAP Community Skill Park Manathavady, set the tone with an informative introduction, providing context for the subsequent sessions.

Leading the skill-building sessions were eminent personalities: Deputy District Planning Officer Shri. Ratnesh P. R., Assistant District Planning Officer Mr. Sudheesh C. P., and Mahatma Gandhi National Fellow Mr. Anvar Sadath K. H.  Their expertise lent a distinct dimension to the skill development experience, ensuring participants received invaluable guidance.

The event was graced by the presence of respected figures from local governance and education. District Panchayat member Mr. K. Vijayan, along with Block Panchayat members Indira Premachandran and Mr. V. Balan, Edavaka Grama Panchayat member Mrs. Lizzy John, Government Arts and Science College Principal Dr. Abdul Salam, and P. K. Kalan Memorial College of Applied Science Principal Mrs. Sudhadevi, shared their insights, underscoring the transformative power of skill development.

A unique highlight of the Skill Sabha was the “Chat with the Sub Collector” initiative. This innovative platform facilitated meaningful dialogues between student representatives from diverse higher education centres in Mananthavady and Sub Collector R. Srilakshmi IAS. Engaging discussions centred on contemporary issues, offering students a rare opportunity to interact with a prominent administrative figure and gain firsthand insights into governance.

The event also exemplified ASAP Kerala’s commitment to progressive learning methodologies. A workshop on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality was a notable feature, immersing participants into the exciting realm of the metaverse. This session kindled interest in emerging technologies, revealing new vistas for skill development and education.

The inauguration of Kerala’s pioneering Block Level Skill Sabha at the ASAP Community Skill Park Mananthavady represents a significant stride in the state’s journey towards fostering skill enhancement and empowering its youth. The event’s resounding triumph and enthusiastic participation underscore the community’s eagerness to embrace skill development as a pivotal avenue towards a promising future. As this initiative gathers momentum, it holds the promise of creating a lasting positive impact on the youth of the region and the holistic development of Kerala.