State Internship

One of the key driving forces of the economic development of any country is the availability of skilled manpower. The most powerful way to acquire skill is through the way of learning by practicing. No other mechanism other than Internship at a workplace provides better opportunity to implement this pedagogy of learning by doing. However, arranging internship to a large number of students and identifying talented mentors in the workplace emerges as one of the biggest hurdles in creating an industry led-skill ecosystem in the state. The government of Kerala intends to resolve this problem through an Institutional Platform – ‘The State Internship Portal’. The State internship Portal is an online platform to offer Internship to any candidate belonging to any stream of study with the active involvement of Industries, Educational Institutions, Skill Training Providers and Government Departments and agencies.


The portal aims to address following objectives.

1. To Create a network of Industries who can provide Internship across the state.

2. To Develop a large pools Professional Mentors in Industries across the state.

3. To create a network of Interns across the state.

4. To create a common Technology Platform in which all stakeholders can be brought in.

5. To develop Internship Standards for various Job Roles.

6. To Promote Internship Culture among students.

7. To Promote Internship Culture among students.

The internship portal was launched in the year 2019 and had its initial focus for the on-going engineering graduates who have a module of internship as a part of their curriculum. Around 4500 students registered through the portal and 255 students successfully completed the short term internship in various industries and government departments. One year internships were initiated by the Government Departments especially LSGD during the year 2019 wherein the engineering graduates and post graduates were considered for deployment in various LSGD interventions like KILA, Rebuild Kerala, KSPCB etc. ASAP has plans to provide internship and apprenticeship programs to graduates and post graduates with the active support of prominent industries and industry associations which will eventually lead to the placement of the candidates based on their performance.

State Internship Portal