Basic Proficiency Course in English

10th+ 20 Dec, 2021 1 Jan, 2022


Course Start Date
27 Dec, 2021
Application Dates
10 Nov, 2021 - 20 Dec, 2021
100 hours
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Course Overview

This module is chiefly intended to equip the students with soft skills that are vital for becoming successful in modern work environments. The course mainly addresses three key areas, which are communicative skills, soft skills and English language proficiency. This Module consists of Communication Skills in English for 100 hours. This course is exclusively for candidates from institutions associated with ASAP Kerala.

Key Topics

This module intends to help learners overcome their inhibitions in using the English language, to identify their strengths and develop abilities and aptitudes that are essential for successful social interaction and employability. It introduces students to some of the key aspects of Personal Skills, alternatively known as Life Skills.

This module on Social Skills focuses on developing a set of skills and positive qualities that are essential for success in personal, social, and professional spheres. They include our ability to understand and manage ourselves and communicate our ideas, thoughts, and feelings effectively. Communicative skills, both verbal and non-verbal, are vital components of social skills.

Organizational skills refer to the set of skills and strategies needed for successfully planning and completing various activities according to their importance and as per schedule. They are essential for achieving success in our profession as well as in all occupations. Organizational skills help us to become more efficient, punctual, disciplined, and productive.

Professional skills are specific technical and personal skills, needed for successful professional development. This module introduces the students to strategies that can assist in the acquisition of these skills. Also called hard skills and soft skills, these can be acquired by coaching and through constant practice.

This module contains systematic instructions for planning and presenting a project with an approach called project-based learning (PBL). In PBL, students explore real-world problems and challenges and develop cross-curriculum skills while working in small collaborative groups. Project-based learning is engaging and active, and is designed to give you self-direction and confidence through both team-based and independent work. In the process of completing your project, you will gain organizational and research skills, integrate technology into your work, and develop better communication with peers and adults.

Skills Covered

  • Self Confidence
  • Team Player
  • Communicative Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Time & Stress Management
  • Professional Skills

Who is this course for?

Candidates from the following backgrounds:11th,12th,Arts and Science colleges(ASAP Institutions)


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I am a student of the first batch of the Communicative English Trainer course. It has been a wonderful experience for me and I believe for each one of the participants of the course. There were people from different walks of life and the trainers made sure that each one of us participated to the best of our
abilities. We got enough to learn from each other. Thank you so much to ASAP Kerala for the opportunity.

Reghu Sankar


Student - Communicative English Trainer Course (NSQF Level - 6) Community Skill Park, Kullakada, Kollam

Be a pioneer in the Language Development & LifeSkills industry through this Basic Proficiency Course in English. Open up doors of opportunity into your future

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