Course Overview

An Enrolled Agent (WCD sponsored) is a professional who is authorised to represent taxpayers before the IRS, the US federal agency that oversees the collection of taxes and enforcement of tax laws.

Sponsored by WCD, the course is specifically designed for women between the ages of 24 and 33 who are unemployed or on a career-break. This initiative has a clear objective— to empower women to take up high-demand job roles in this industry and open up new pathways in this domain, thereby uplifting women and contributing to the betterment of the women in the region. 

As an EA, you may undertake the following services:

1. Prepare tax returns

2. Represent clients before the IRS

3. Have unlimited representation rights

4. Appeal in favour of clients before the IRS and advice clients on taxation aspects related to their business transactions

Candidates undergoing the course will be provided with Professional Development Program (PDP) based on request for enhancing your soft skills competencies.

Skills Covered

  • Proficiency in US taxation
  • Tax return preparation and filing advisory skills
  • Represent clients before IRS
  • Have unlimited representation rights
  • Appeal in favour of clients before IRS
  • Advice clients on taxation aspects related to business transactions

Who is this course for?

  • Female graduates from B.Com/ BBA/ M.Com/ MBA- Finance who wish to build a career in US Taxation, working closely with the US team and clients (Min 60% pass is required in their graduation)
  • BCom/ BBA 2nd and 3rd-year women students 
  • MCom/ MBA (Finance) 1st and 2nd-year students
  • Women in the 24-33 year age group
  • Ration Card Category- Priority will be given to Yellow card holders followed by Pink and then Blue card holders. Subject to unavailability of sufficient numbers of candidates from these categories, the White card holders shall be given consideration.
  • Candidates who have been unemployed after their graduation falling in the above age group will be given the highest priority followed by those who underwent a career break of minimum 3 years after working in a job. Working professionals will be considered if sufficient candidates fail to turn-out from the above categories. 

ENROLLED AGENT BRIDGE COURSE: We offer a mandatory bridge course for all the applicants who are looking to join the Enrolled Agent (EA) course. All applicants will be subjected to an initial screening and only 90 applicants will be shortlisted to attend the 15 hour bridge course, which is followed by a mock test. The bridge course and mock test will focus on the following topics – Basics of US taxation, accounting, critical thinking, numerical reasoning, and English language.

Subsequently, 30 candidates will be shortlisted for the Enrolled Agent course through a written test and interview. These candidates will get sponsorship for the course fee as well as exam fee.

Steps to become an Enrolled Agent

Step 1: Obtain Personal Tax Identification Number (PTIN) for which a valid passport is mandatory 

Step 2: Register for the Special Enrollment Examination (SEE)

Step 3: Achieve passing scores in all three parts of SEE

Step 4: Apply for enrollment

Step 5: Pass a suitability check

For knowing more about the IRS Special Enrollment Examination (SEE)- CLICK HERE