CSP Kunnamkulam

CSP Kunnamkulam


Situated within the vibrant town of Kunnamkulam in the Thrissur district, our ASAP Community Skill Park Kunnamkulam offers a gateway to diverse vocational training programmes tailored for employment, in collaboration with our operating partner, Eram Technologies. Moreover, we proudly provide an array of complimentary training programmes in partnership with the local self-governing bodies of the region.

The skill park is spread over a spacious area and features labs as per the requirements of the various courses offered at the CSP. Our focus remains on crafting experiential, hands-on programmes, empowering our students to immerse themselves in practical learning. This approach ensures they acquire real-world proficiency and cultivates the essential skills vital for triumph in their chosen career paths.

Our carefully crafted courses are tailored to meet industry benchmarks, ensuring that students acquire cutting-edge skills and knowledge.

Eram Technologies, our operating partner, is a leading technology company that brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our skill park. Together, we offer our students the best possible training and mentorship, preparing them for a successful career.

Community Skill Park Kunnamkulam is dedicated to forging a sustainable future. Our commitment is evident through the integration of eco-friendly elements such as rainwater harvesting, solar power generation, and advanced waste management systems within our facility. These initiatives underscore our unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability.

At our skill park, we're dedicated to empowering thousands of young individuals in the region by providing them with opportunities to acquire new skills, enhancing their employability and opening doors to brighter futures.

AR/VR Centre of Excellence

ASAP CSP Kunnamkulam proudly introduces the pinnacle of innovation: the AR/VR Center of Excellence. It's the heartbeat of cutting-edge augmented and virtual reality technology! Experience the forefront of AR/VR immersion and elevate your expertise, whether you're a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic newcomer.

Immerse yourself in our facility equipped with the latest AR/VR gadgets – encompassing top-tier headsets, advanced sensors, high-calibre cameras, and dynamic software. Explore our comprehensive, professional-grade training programs covering the entirety of AR/VR development, from content creation to programming and design. Join us at the forefront of the AR/VR revolution, where professionalism meets boundless enthusiasm!

Courses Offered in AR VR 

Admission Open for following Courses

  1. Communicative English Trainer
  2. Certificate course in Interior Design
  3. Work Readiness Programme.
  4. Fitness Trainer
  5. Professional in Graphic Designing